Erika Eleniak

Erika Eleniak

American-Canadian actress and model (born 1969)
Erika Eleniak

Erika Eleniak (born Erika Maya Eleniak on September 29, 1969 in Glendale, California) is an American actress, Playboy Playmate, and former model. In 1989 when she was 19, Eleniak appeared in the July 1989 issue of Playboy magazine in a pictorial with a nautical theme. Her centerfold was photographed by Richard Fegley.

Her film debut was a small part in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982). She later starred in the films The Blob, Under Siege and The Beverly Hillbillies. She is best known for her role in Baywatch as Shauni McClain.

Eleniak attended Robert Fulton Junior High in Van Nuys, Los Angeles and graduated from Van Nuys High School. During her teenage years, Eleniak became a regular on the San Fernando Valley party circuit and she began to use alcohol and drugs regularly. Steve Ferguson, a quadriplegic who socialized in the same circles as Eleniak, helped curtail her problem by introducing her to Alcoholics Anonymous in 1988 and helping her through her detoxification. Eleniak dated Ferguson for a while and there was talk of an engagement. However the relationship ended as Eleniak's mother married Ferguson's father instead.

Eleniak has dated some of Hollywood's most famous bachelors and was engaged for a time to William McNamara. In 1997 she met her future husband, Philip Goglia. They married on May 22, 1998, and Eleniak used the name Erika Eleniak-Goglia during their brief relationship. They lived in Marina del Rey, California until divorcing in 1999.

Erika has dual citizenship with the United States and Canada. After filming Snowbound in 2001 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Eleniak fell in love with the city and with Roch Daigle, a key grip who worked on the set. Having desired leaving Los Angeles for years, Eleniak purchased a home in Calgary, in part because Daigle lived there. The two married sometime in 2005 when Eleniak was pregnant. Six and a half weeks into her term, the pregnancy was discovered to be ectopic, which required emergency surgery days later. As is often the case with ectopic pregnancies, it ended in miscarriage but Eleniak soon became pregnant again. Her first child, a daughter Indyanna was born in January 2006.

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Erika Eleniak was born on Monday, 29 September 1969 in Glendale, California, USA. Her full name at birth was Erika Maya Eleniak. She is best known as an actress. Eleniak's country of citizenship (nationality) is American. Erika attended high school at Van Nuys High School, Los Angeles, California, USA. Her religion is listed as Christian. She is 5' 6¼" (168 cm) tall and weighs 132 lbs (60 kg) with a voluptuous build. She has green eyes and blonde hair (color). Her net worth is reported to be $4,000,000 US dollars. Erika Eleniak is 54 years old and her zodiac star sign is Libra.

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Full name at birth
Erika Maya Eleniak
Claim to fame
her roles as Shauni McClain in the NBC/syndicated action drama series Baywatch, Emily Shaw in the 2003 thriller film Lady Jayne: Killer, Jillian Parnell in the CBS disaster thriller miniseries Aftershock: Earthquake in New York, Officer Christine Bannon in the CBS police drama series Brooklyn South, Stephanie Curtis in the CBS sitcom Charles in Charge, Elly May Clampett in the 1993 comedy film The Beverly Hillbillies, Stephanie Potts in the 1995 romantic comedy film A Pyromaniac’s Love Story, Monica in the 1998 mystery drama film Charades, Kelly Moore Brooks in the 1998 ABC television crime drama film One Hot Summer Night, Barbara Fine in the ABC mystery comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives, Claire Peterson in the CBS police procedural drama series CSI: Miami, and Katherine Garrett in the 2001 drama film Vegas, City of Dreams
Date of birth
29 September 1969
Place of birth
Glendale, California, USA
Actress, Voice Actress, Model, Playboy Playmate
Occupation category


5' 6¼" (168 cm)
132 lbs (60 kg)
Hair color
Eye color
Zodiac sign
Distinctive feature
  • Platinum blonde hair
  • Curvaceous, buxom figure
  • Breathless voice
  • Curvy body
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Shoe size
8 (US), 40 (EU), 6.5 (UK), 250 (J)
Asta (dog)
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  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
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Net worth
$4,000,000 USD
High school
Van Nuys High School, Los Angeles, California, USA
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University add_black university
Talent agency
Cunnicut Productions, Inc.
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Political affiliation add_black political affiliation
Political party add_black political party
  • She has given acting lessons with the Antonio Sabato Jr. Acting Academy.
  • Erika Eleniak co-starred as Emily Shaw in the 2003 thriller film Lady Jayne: Killer (also known as Betrayal).
  • In 1982, she made her first theatrical film appearance as Pretty Girl in the science fiction film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (also known as E.T.)
  • Playboy Playmate of the Month July 1989.
  • Went on "The Real Gilligan's Island" (2004) with Angie Everhart with whom she co-starred in Bordello of Blood (1996).

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