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  • Finnick may be named this because he is a Fennec fox.
  • In the Polish dub, the white wolf that was tricked by Judy to start howling is called Geralt, this is a reference to Geralt of Rivia, the main character of the Polish video game and novel series The Witcher, whose alias is White Wolf.
  • In the scene where Nick and Judy are in Assistant Mayor Bellweather's office, we see a shot of her office telephone. There is a sticky note attached to this with a telephone number and name "Doug" on it. The ram concocting the Night-howler Serum is called Doug who is on the phone to an undisclosed character. From this we can deduce the person he is speaking with is the Assistant Mayor.
  • When Judy and Nick are running from the wild jaguar, Judy radios in to the police station to give their crossroads. She mispronounces Tujunga and Nick is quick to correct. The Disney campus where Zootopia was created is on Tujunga in Burbank, California.
  • Nick Wilde is voiced by Jason Bateman. In Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2 Jason Bateman's character is also named Nick.
  • In the short scene with young Nick and his mother, the wallpaper there has the same pattern and color like Nick's shirt in the movie.
  • Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell also appeared in Couples Retreat (2009).
  • When Judy and Nick searched records from traffic cameras in the City Hall, the system gave the coordinate of the one which can take the 'Sky Tram'. Which was '37.181716, -118.312193'. In the real world, it is located exactly in LA, Califonia.
  • When Officer Judy realizes Night Howlers refer to the flowers, and jumps in the family farm truck to drive back to Zootopia to solve the case, the license plate reads JER2911 - referring to a popular passage in the Bible - Jeremiah 29:11, a passage that states: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." This could refer to the idea that Judy was meant to be a cop, and it is her destiny/calling.
  • This is the first film to not release a Disney animated short alongside it since the others Disney animated films.
  • Finnick (Little Toot Toot) is a fennec fox hence his ironic name.
  • While being accused by Judy for Popsicle hustling, Nick steals and eats a blueberry from a nearby stand; the same fruit that he and Judy later use to trick Bellwhether into revealing her villainy.
  • The city of Bunnyburrow is 211 miles (339 km) away from Zootropolis. It could have been any number but it so happens that Rennes, a really old city in northwestern France with a lot of places of interests and the capital of the region of Brittany, is 211 miles or 339 km away from Paris (to be precise: from Disney's Hotel Cheyenne). It is one of a few trips visitors might do if they are visiting Disneyland in Paris (another trip might be travelling to Lille, far north from Paris).
  • When Judy and Nick are in the underground subway car watching Doug make the Night Howler shots, the scene shifts to a subway map of Zootopia printed by the ZTA (Zootopia Transit Authority). The map has pictures of the predators pinned to where in the city Doug poisoned them. If you look closely at the map, the street names in each of the "districts" coincide with the central theme of that district. Tundratown has Plow St. Snowcastle Way, Glacier Falls and Blizzard St.; Rainforest District has Precipitation St. Shady Place, Misty Blvd, Precipitation St,; and Sahara Square has Tundra Gate, Cactus Grove, Alow Ave, Agave Ave, Dry River Rod.
  • In Doug the Ram's night howler lab, he is talking on the phone when he hears a knock at the door and says, "Woolter and Jesse are here so I'm leaving now..." Walter and Jesse are the names of the two main characters in the American television drug drama Breaking Bad. Doug also wears a yellow boiler suit, as do Walter and Jesse in the later seasons of the drug drama. The lab containing the night howler plants is housed in the rear of a train car, similar to the mobile RV lab used in the show.
  • Possible homage to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when Judy is attempting to start the train and transport the Nighthowler evidence to the ZPD. The sound effects match those of the Millenium Falcon when Han Solo is trying to start it up in order to flee the ice planet Hoth. Coupled with that, the camera shot and actions of the protagonists bear strong similarities.
  • Nick Wilde, Finnick and Gideon Gray are the eighth ninth and tenth Disney characters to be foxes. The previous ones were Honest John from Pinocchio (1940), Br'er Fox from Song of the South (1946), Robin and Maid Marian from Robin Hood (1973), Todd and Vixey from The Fox and the Hound (1981), and Foxy Loxy from Chicken Little (2005), all but two of them are also anthropomorphic. In addition, Judy Hopps and her parents are the thirteenth Disney characters to be a rabbit, after Max Hare from The Tortoise and the Hare (1935), Thumper from Bambi (1942), Br'er Rabbit also from Song of the South (1946), The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (1951), Skippy, Sis,Tagalong and Mother Rabbit also from Robin Hood (1973) as well, Rabbit from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) and Winnie the Pooh (2011), and Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988).
  • According to Rich Moore when Judy reconciled with Nick, the events from after the press conference incindent was in between 2 to 3 months when Judy returned to Zootopia.
  • In the scene where Nick and Judy are checking the traffic cameras on Assistant Mayor Bellwether's computer, the number for 'Doug' can be seen on a post-it note stuck on Bellwether's phone, hinting towards Doug the Ram, Bellwether's minion, who appears later on in the film.
  • When asking assistant mayor bellwether to check the traffic camera feed in her office you can see the name Doug with a phone number underneath. Doug being one of the rams creating the savage drug later on.
  • This is the ninth film from Walt Disney Animation Studios where the identity of the villain is a surprise, in this case it was Dawn Bellwether. The 8 previous films that had villains who didn't seem villainous/antagonistic at first (though DOR-15 did serve as a Secondary Antagonist of her film, and though Gantu was the only one who failed to reform) were: Winky from The Wind in the Willows Segment of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949), Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone (1963), Clayton from Tarzan (1999), Gantu from Lilo & Stitch (2002), DOR-15 from Meet the Robinsons (2007), Gothel from Tangled (2010), Turbo (King Candy) from Wreck it Ralph, Prince Hans from Frozen (2013) and Professor Robert Callahan from Big Hero 6 (2014).
  • Because Judy Hopps is 24 years old during the film's main events, She was probably born in 1992.
  • There is a brief homage to Avatar in the scene where Judy is being chased by the panther (Driver of the Limo). From the way he turns to look at the two main characters, to Judy saying 'Run, Run!' as Sigourney Weaver did, the scene plays out similarly to Jake Sully (The protagonist of Avatar) being pursued by a relatively larger predator. In the chase scene, Judy ducks into a hollowed-out log, similar to Jake, and the predator tries to get at her through the sides, first with jaw and then with claw in similar fashion.
  • The pairing of Nick Wilde and Judy Hoops is very similar to the pairing of Lupo Alberto and Marta from Italian Classic c√≥mic Lupo Alberto by Silver. Alberto is a wolf and Marta a chicken (predator and prey) but they are falling in love.
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