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  • Nick Wilde: Tell me if this story sounds familiar: naive little hick with good grades and big ideas decides, "Hey look at me, I'm gonna move to Zootopia, where predators and prey live in harmony and sing Kumbaya!" Only to find, whoopsie: we don't all get along. And that dream of becoming a big city cop? Double whoopsie: she's a meter maid. And whoopsie number three-sie: no one cares about her or her dreams. And soon enough, those dreams die, and our bunny sinks into an emotional and literal squalor living in a box under a bridge, until finally, she has no choice but to go back home with that cute, fuzzy-wuzzy little tail between her legs to become... you're from Bunnyburrow, is that what you said? So how about a carrot farmer? (smirks, then walks away) Nick Wilde: That sound about right?
  • Chief Bogo: Shut your tiny mouth now, young lady.
  • Stu Hopps: You want to talk about making the world a better place, no better way to do it than becoming a carrot farmer. Bonnie Hopps: Yes! Your dad, me, your 275 brothers and sisters, we're changing the world. Stu Hopps: Yeah. Bonnie Hopps: One carrot at a time. Stu Hopps: Amen to that.
  • (first lines) Young Hopps: (voiceover) Fear. Treachery. Bloodlust. Thousands of years ago, these were the forces that ruled our world. A world where pray were scared of predators. And predators had an uncontrollable, biological urge to maim and maul and... (acting in a talent show, a small animal in a tiger costume attacks Young Hopps) Young Hopps: (throws red confetti into the air as if it's coming out of her body) Blood! Blood! Blood! (she falls down, continuing to throw red confetti and then squeezes ketchup into the air, which lands on her) Young Hopps: And death.
  • Stu Hopps: Judy, you ever wonder how your mom and me got to be so darn happy? Young Hopps: Nope. Stu Hopps: Well, we gave up on our dreams, and we settled. Right, Bon? Bonnie Hopps: Oh, yes. That's right, Stu, we settled hard.
  • Nick Wilde: Okay, press conference 101. You wanna look smart? Answer their question with your own question, and then answer that question. Like this: 'Excuse me, Officer Hopps. What can you tell us about the case?' Nick Wilde: (turing) 'Well, was this a tough case? Yes, yes it was.' You see?
  • Nick Wilde: Flash is the fastest guy in there. If you need something done, he's on it. Judy Hopps: I hope so. We are really fighting the clock and every minute counts. (sees the inside of the DMV) Judy Hopps: Wait. They're all SLOTHS? You said this was going to be quick! Judy Hopps: (in mock surprise) Are you saying that because he's a sloth he can't be fast? I thought in Zootopia, anyone could be anything.
  • Nick Wilde: (Stroking Bellwether's fur) So fluffy!
  • Young Hopps: It may seem impossible to small minds (she briefly directs her attention away from the audience and right at Gideon) Young Hopps: I'm looking at you, Gideon Grey - but just 211 miles away stands the great city of Zootopia where our ancestors first joined together in peace and declared that anyone can be ANYTHING!
  • Flash: Hey... Judy Hopps: Wait, wait, wait! Flash: ...Priscilla! Judy Hopps: Oh, no! Priscilla: Yes... Flash? Flash: What... do... Judy Hopps: No! Flash: ...You call... a... Judy Hopps: A three humped camel? Pregnant! Okay, great, we got it! Flash: Three... humped... Judy Hopps: Please, just... (Rolls her eyes in exasperation) Judy Hopps: Ughhh...
  • Clawhauser: (while Judy is trying to radio for reinforcements to the ZPD, Clawhauser is showing his Dancing with Gazelle app to a wolf convict) Are you familiar with Gazelle, greatest singer of our lifetime, angel with horns? Huh. Okay, hold on, keep watching. (shows his phone with a tiger dancer with Clawhauser's face) Clawhauser: Who's that beside her? Who is it? Gazelle: (from the app) Wow, you are one hot dancer, Benjamin Clawhauser. Clawhauser: (laughs) It's me! (chuckles again) Clawhauser: Do you think it was real? It looks so real! It's not, it's just a new app. (Turns to his radio) Clawhauser: Hold on a second.
  • Judy Hopps: (in a Limo with Nick, between two Polar bear thugs, whispering) What did you do, that made Mr. Big so mad at you? Nick Wilde: (nervously) I um... I may have sold him, a very expensive wool rug. That was made from the fur, of a skunk... 's butt. Judy Hopps: Oh, sweet cheese and crackers.
  • Judy Hopps: Well, he was a key witness, and I... Chief Bogo: Two days to find the otter, or you quit. That was the deal. (Holding out hand) Chief Bogo: Badge. Judy Hopps: But sir, we... Chief Bogo: Badge! Nick Wilde: (as Judy starts to turn in her badge) Uh... no. Chief Bogo: What did you say, fox? Nick Wilde: Sorry, what I said was... NO! She will not be giving you that badge. (Bogo flinches) Nick Wilde: Look, you gave her a... a... a clown vest and a three wheel joke mobile and two days to solve a case you guys haven't cracked in two weeks? Yeah, no wonder she needed to get help from a fox. None of you guys were gonna help her, were you? (Bogo starts to speak but Nick cuts him off) Nick Wilde: Here's the thing, chief. You gave her the 48 hours, so technically we still have... 10 left, to find our Mr. Otterton. And that's exactly what we're gonna do. So, if you'll excuse us, we have a very big lead to follow and a case to crack. Good day.
  • Bonnie Hopps: Of course, it is okay to have dreams. Stu Hopps: Just as long as you don't believe too much in them.
  • Chief Bogo: (after giving everyone else their assignments) Wilde... Hopps... parking duty. Dismissed. (sees at their incredulous reactions, then smiles) Chief Bogo: Just kidding!
  • Bellwether: I framed Lionheart I can frame you too!
  • Young Nick: (Undergoing Junior Ranger Scout initiation by flashlight) I - Nicholas Wilde - promise to be brave, loyal, helpful, and trustworthy! Junior Ranger Scout 1: Even though... you're a fox? Young Nick: (his smile fades) What? (Flashlight goes out and Nick is tackled to the ground) Young Nick: No! NO! What did I do wrong, you guys? Help! Please, what did I do wrong? What did I do? (a muzzle is forced onto him) Young Nick: NO! Junior Ranger Scout 1: You thought we could ever trust a fox without a muzzle? You're even dumber than you look! (Nick rushes outside and hides behind the steps of the building) Junior Ranger Scout 2: (from inside) Aww, is he gonna cry? (Nick struggles to remove the muzzle, finally succeeding and throwing it away from him, struggling to hold back his tears)
  • Gazelle: (Last Lines) Good evening Zootopia! Come on everybody, put your paws up!
  • Judy Hopps: Tomorrow's another day. Pronk Oryx-Antlerson: Yeah, but it might be worse!
  • Gazelle: (Bogo is in his office, using the Dancing with Gazelle app) Wow, you are one hot dancer, Chief Bogo. Clawhauser: (Clawhauser storms in) Chief Bogo! Chief Bogo: Not now! Clawhauser: Wait, is that Gazelle? Chief Bogo: (dismissing) No! Gazelle: (from the app) I'm Gazelle, and you are one hot dancer. Clawhauser: You have the app too? (excited) Clawhauser: Aww, Chief! Chief Bogo: Clawhauser! Can't you see I'm working on the missing mammal cases? Clawhauser: Oh, oh, oh, yes, of course, about that sir. Officer Hopps just called - she found all of them. Gazelle: Wow, I'm impressed!
  • Gazelle: (from a Zootopia billboard) I'm Gazelle. Welcome to Zootopia.
  • Bellwether: There! Traffic cams for the whole city. Well this is so exciting, actually. I mean, you know, I never get to do anything this important. Judy Hopps: But you're the assistant mayor of Zootopia. Bellwether: Oh, I'm more of a glorified secretary. I think Mayor Lionheart just wanted the sheep vote. But he did give me that nice mug. (the mug, which has pens and pencils in it, says "World's Greatest Dad", but the word Dad is crossed out with "Assistant Mayor" written above it) Bellwether: Feels good to be appreciated.
  • Gazelle: Zootopia is a unique place. It's a crazy, beautiful, diverse city, where we celebrate our differences. This is not the Zootopia I know. The Zootopia I know is better than this. We don't just blindly assign blame. We don't know why these attacks keep happening. But it is irresponsible to label all predators as savages. We cannot let fear divide us. Please, give me back the Zootopia I love.
  • Bellwether: (Cornering Judy and Nick in a pit-like exhibit in the Natural History Museum) Well, you should've just stayed on the carrot farm, huh. It really is too bad, I... I did like you! Judy Hopps: What're you going to do, kill me? Bellwether: Oh ho ho ho, no, of course not. (aims the Night Howler gun at Nick) Bellwether: He is! Judy Hopps: (the Night Howler pellet hits Nick) No! Oh, Nick! Bellwether: (calling the ZPD) Yes, police! There's a savage fox at the National History Museum! Officer Hopps is down! Please, hurry! Judy Hopps: No! Nick! don't do this! Fight it! Bellwether: Oh, but, he can't help it! Tell me! Since friends are just biologically pretty supposed to be savages. (Nick Wilde goes feral and tries to chase down Judy) Bellwether: Gosh, think up a headline: "Hero cop killed by savage fox!" Judy Hopps: So that's it. Prey fears predator and you stay in power? Bellwether: Yeah. Pretty much. Judy Hopps: It won't work! Bellwether: Fear always works, and I'll dart every predator in Zootopia, to keep it that way.
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