Xavier Deluc

Xavier Deluc

French, Actor
Xavier Deluc

Xavier Deluc

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March 18, 1958 in Caen, Calvados, France

Birth Name

Xavier Lepetit

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Xavier Deluc was born on March 18, 1958 in Caen, Calvados, France as Xavier Lepetit. He is an actor and director, known for Research Unit (2006), Paris City Cop (1998) and He Died with His Eyes Open (1985).

I've been a comedian

for 32 years. One day I took a train to Paris and signed up for FLORENT. This is where Robert Hossein discovered me and engaged to play the role of young EDGAR in "THE HIGHLIGHTS OF HURLEVENT". We played in the theater of Boulogne Billancourt and then in Lyon. This is how the adventure began ...

I played several roles

under my national identity of Lepetit and it is on the film "LA TRICHE" by Yannick BELLON with Victor LANOUX that the distributor of the film: M. LEIBOVICI asked me to change name for reasons of poster. I consulted with my family and finally saw that taking a pseudonym was a way to preserve the privacy of my entire family. As for me, I had an artist's name to invent to assume all alone the pangs of my artistic path. As I often spent weekends at Luc sur mer, I gave myself as a pseudonym: DELUC. That's nothing to do with the Louis DELLUC Award.

Nominated to

the Caesars as a young hope for the role I played in "LA TRICHE", nominated to the Césars as a supporting role in "ON NEUR TWO TWICE" by Jacques Deray, I was also nominated for the 7 D'OR the role interpreted in Jacques Ertaud's "THE PRICE OF SILENCE". Thanks to this film, we also received an award at the Monte-Carlo Festival.

So I'm a comedian

for 32 years and still as passionate about this art as cinema. The encounters I had with the sacred monsters like M. Michel SERRAULT, VICTOR LANOUX, ALAIN DELON, CHARLOTTE RAMPLING, CLAUDE BRASSEUR, MADELEINE ROBINSON, JEAN MARAIS ... made me evolve. In spite of the time that passes and leaves traces, I remain always passionate and I thank them. I also had the pleasure of playing alongside François Cluzet, Robin Renucci, Jean-Pierre Bacri and Tchéky Karyo in "States of Soul" by Jacques Fansten and many other quality actors in theater, cinema and television in which I have the opportunity to embody certain roles ...

I take the opportunity to thank the directors who have been able to guide me and have always left me the right to be before playing ... (Jacques DERAY, Jacques ERTAUD, Yannick BELLON, Jean SAGOLS, Jean MARAIS ...)

What to say

if only if I were to make today useful to those who have this dream to the seventh art, it would be to tell them to go ahead and that the dream overrides the possible difficulties of this adventure ...

Yours to



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Full name at birth
Xavier Lepetit
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18 March 1958
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Caen, Calvados, France
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