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  • This is where it all starts for me.starting with this small bond.i too want to become someone who is needed,instead of a weapon that is feared.and as the Kazekage of the hidden sand village.
  • He was the one who taught me to deepin my bond with my people.thanks to him,i was able to regain my true self.that village has him,the one who cherisches a friend's bond more than anyone i know.Uzumaki Naruto...knowing him and the friends he hold so dear,they will overcome this disaster and grow even stronger from it.
  • Perhaps the companionship of an evil person is preferable to loneliness.
  • The corpse's bitter crimson tears flow and mingle with the endless sand,filling the chaos within me-and making me stronger.
  • I finally understand...i'm alone.i won't belive in anyone,or love anyone.i'm alone.
  • I've always considered myself to be a true ninja...but those were just empty words,because Sasuke and Naruto were always in the lead!but now it's my turn to take the lead,and all of you can watch me from the background!.
  • With hard work and dedication,i will become a splendid ninja!
  • My hatred had shut my eyes off...but i did hear...
  • When there is a true desire in the heart and that desire is strong...that is when he finds real strength that even he did not know he had.
  • Everything will be mine.
  • He's an amazing piece of trash.
  • You said this was your last hand,right? i'm afraid it's reverse checkmate,you damn rat!
  • No one has survived the sound of my flute.
  • I'll play you the melody of death.
  • Well,what about you guys?!you discovered Yukimaru's powers and now you want him!after all,taking the three-tails means that Konoha will be in possession of enormous military power!
  • You scums are lucky to be with Orochimaru-sama!
  • Hey Hey,I love the scent of blood.
  • (As a child,when asked what her dream for the future ways) "I'm gonna be the first female Hokage!"
  • I like red camellias.i like white camellias.Camellias droped the entire flower,not just their petals.you can remove the oil from the flower,and the tree itself can be used to make ink.
  • You lack devotion.steady effort is what counts.me?I'm exception to the rule!
  • Show a little backbone will you?
  • Do you plan to grovel your whole life?
  • Getting up again,I admire your spirits.but,you've already lost.
  • Out of my way,punk!You make me sick,so you'll get no mercy from me!
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