Tyler Collins

Tyler Collins


Tyler Collins

was born in Anchorage in Alaska. He studied at an arts boarding school having been awarded a scholarship. It was whilst studying acting at the school that he learned about the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland after a deputation from staff members of the institution. Whilst studying stage acting at the Conservatoire he met and formed a close working relationship with John McPhail and Andrew Lanni.

After finishing his studies

, Collins starred in a number of short films including Dear Mom (2010) in which McPhail was the cinematographer of the film. He also played the character Luke on several occasions in the BBC television series River City (2002). In 2013, Collins was invite to play the lead role of Adam in the short film Notes (2013) about a pair of roommates whose relationship develops through a series of post it notes. Collins performance would later go on to be rewarded with the Best Actor accolade at the 2013 edition of the We Like 'Em Short Film Festival in Oregon.

In the summer of 2013

, Collins played the lead role of the Boy in Just Say Hi (2013) which was made for the 2013 edition of the Virgin Media Short Awards. The film went on to win 2 out of the 3 awards at a prestigious awards ceremony in London attended by Collins and the production team.

In 2015

, Collins took on his biggest role to date as the leading character of James in the feature film Where Do We Go From Here? (2015). Shot in just 16 days, the film centres around the newly instated Nurse Jen of the 'Easy Love Care Home' who questions why the 25-year-old James is living and working in the care home. The film appeared at the 2015 edition of the Sydney Indie Film Festival where it was nominated for 7 awards with Collins receiving nominations for Best Actor and for Best Score as the films composer. Collins later went on to win the Best Score accolade. The film is due to appear at the 2016 edition of the Glasgow Film Festival.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Chris Quick

Trivia (1)

He is a graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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