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  • Starscream meets his end by having an explosive in his eye, which blows his head off. This was based on the comic 'G.I. Joe vs Transformers', where the ninja Snake-Eyes cut out Starscream's eye and stuck an explosive into the cavity (there it didn't kill him though).
  • Despite the rumors of a feud between Megan Fox and Michael Bay, it was actually Steven Spielberg who had Fox fired from this film. Bay was already prepping Fox for this film, when she was forced to drop out.
  • Originally the Autobot animal Steeljaw (revised to be Leadfoot's pet and having a rocket launcher as an alternate mode) was going to be in the film, but he was cut from the script.
  • A lengthy battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons was going to be filmed at Washington DC, but the city authorities vetoed filming large-scale fights on their grounds. Instead, the Autobots are overwhelmed and beat a hasty retreat.
  • Sam's "regular" car (in Bumblebee's absence) is a 1980 Datsun (now known as Nissan) automobile. In The Transformers (1984), the Autobots Prowl and Bluestreak were Datsun automobiles.
  • This is the first Transformers movie to show the Autobot spacecraft the Ark.
  • All the aptly-named Dreads are seen to bear dreadlocks, as well as mandibles and fangs. This design is an homage to the sci-film Predator (1987), which had a similarly designed extraterrestrial (and who was voiced by Peter Cullen).
  • Laserbeak's gift of speech was based on his original appearance in the "Transformers" comics. He has not spoken at all in any of the cartoons.
  • At Washington DC, a Decepticon takes the alternate mode of a garbage truck. This is an ironic homage to the Autobot Wreck-Gar, who in Transformers: Animated (2007) took the alternate mode of a garbage truck.
  • The Decepticon Barricade hasn't been seen since the first movie (when he was chasing Sam and the Allspark on the highway) until the final major battle in this one.
  • According to VFX supervisor Scott Farrar, Sentinel Prime was physically modeled on Sean Connery. In tribute, Sentinel quotes the "there can be only one" line from Connery's film Highlander (1986).
  • Patrick Dempsey is a car enthusiast, like his character Dylan.
  • This is the only movie in the series that does not reference the Allspark in any way.
  • In 2011, Alan Tudyk told "Empire" magazine that his character from 28 Days (2000) (the gay German performance artist, Gerhard) was the same character as the one Tudyk later played in this movie: "I decided that it's the same guy: he had gotten out of rehab, got himself on the right track and then... entered the army, became a specialist, found that he had skills in computers and weapons. Then he got burned out after too much killing and just decided to become a valet to Agent Simmons. There's a moment where he just goes crazy, and I say, 'That's the old me' and that was all based on that bullshit idea that it was the same guy."
  • At the Decepticon camp, a hand from the Tomb of the Primes, the hiding place of the Matrix of Leadership in the second film, can be seen. This hints at the Matrix of Leadership playing a key part in Megatron's plan.
  • Near the end of the battle, Megatron proposes a truce to Optimus Prime. This is similar to the special Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime (1987), where Galvatron declared a truce with Prime; however, this film has Prime refuse the truce and kill Megatron for everything he'd done.
  • Bill Fagerbakke was considered to voice the Wrecker Topspin, but had to decline due to schedule conflicts. Thus Topspin is the only one of the Wreckers not to have any lines in the film.
  • The building under construction Shockwave shoots Optimus Prime into is the China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing, China. The building was digitally inserted into Chicago for use in the film.
  • The character Mirage got renamed to Dino not only because of Ferrari's insistence, but also because Mattel holds the rights for making Ferrari toys and models, and they didn't want "their car" to bear the name of a character owned by their rival toy-company Hasbro.
  • Michael Bay swore that the Autobot Twins Skids and Mudflap would not be in the film, and promised $25000 to whoever could spot them. However, they do appear in one scene: when Director Mearing arrives at NEST.
  • Eddie Pepitone auditioned for the role of Jerry Wang.
  • Leonard Nimoy voiced Megatron's successor Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie (1986), and voices Optimus Prime's predecessor Sentinel Prime in this film. He was previously considered to voice the Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009).
  • This was the last film Francesco Quinn completed before his death.
  • According to ILM, the company employed its entire rendering machinery to use on the film. This added up to using more than 200,000 rendering hours per day, the equivalent of 22.8 years of render time in 24 hours.
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