Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee

American drummer (born 1962)
Tommy Lee

Thomas Lee Bass (born October 3, 1962), best known as Tommy Lee, is a Greek-American musician and founding member of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. As well as being the band's long-term drummer, Lee founded rap-metal band Methods of Mayhem, and has pursued solo musical projects. He has been married to model Elaine Starchuk and actresses Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.

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Tommy Lee was born on Wednesday, 3 October 1962 in Athens, Greece. His full name at birth was Thomas Lee Bass. He is best known as a drummer. Lee's country of citizenship (nationality) is American. Tommy attended high school at South Hills High School, West Covina, California (transferred). For university, he studied at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA (2004). His religion is listed as Roman Catholic. He is 6' 3" (190 cm) tall with a slim build. He has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair (color). His net worth is reported to be $70,000,000 US dollars. Tommy Lee is 61 years old and his zodiac star sign is Libra.

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Full name at birth
Thomas Lee Bass
Claim to fame
Drummer for Mötley Crüe
Date of birth
3 October 1962
Place of birth
Athens, Greece
Musician, Songwriter, DJ
Occupation category


6' 3" (190 cm)
Hair color
Eye color
Zodiac sign
Distinctive feature add_black distinctive feature
  • Upside Down Backwards Treble Clef On His Left Temple
  • Bass Clef Making A Heart On Around His Left Temple
  • Fading Dots Over His Left Eye
  • Japanese Word Phrase On His Right Cheek
  • The right side of the musician’s neck contains a tattoo of a silhouette of a woman lying down. The silhouette is also surrounded by flames.
  • the left side of his eye contains a tattoo of a star tattooed on it. There are little stars tattooed around the bigger one too.
  • The left side of Tommy’s neck contains a tattoo of a kiss mark on it done in red and pink ink.
  • Both the side of his chest contain a large tattoo of the face of a lion done in tribal design on it. Both the lions are facing each other.
  • The middle of Tommy’s stomach contains the word, “MAYHEM” tattooed on it.
  • The lower part of his stomach, below his belly button, contains a tattoo of the Hindu symbol of Om.
  • The back of the musician is covered in a large tribal design tattoo. Either side of his back contains a tribal design tattooed on it that represents wings. There is a smaller tribal design tattooed in the middle of his upper back too.
  • Tommy’s right shoulder contains a small tattoo of a boy holding a girl close to himself. They are surrounded by smaller tattoos of lines and little designs that fill his shoulder.
  • The right upper arm and almost all of his forearm are covered by a large tattoo of a cheetah crawling downwards.
  • Tommy’s right bicep and the inner side of his right forearm is covered in tattoos of a jungle scene consisting of leaves and vines.
  • The lower side of his right forearm contains a large tattoo of the head of a skeleton wearing a huge hat on its head with blue eyes and a blue tongue. The background of the tattoo is done from blue waves that cover the rest of his sleeve.
  • The left shoulder of the musician contains a large tattoo of a Chinese symbol on it. It also contains tattoos of flowers on the sides along with vines. There is also a lightning bolt tattooed on his shoulder along with the words, “MOTLEY CRUE” tattooed on
  • The upper part of Tommy’s left arm contains a large tattoo of a fish on it along with three Chinese characters tattooed below it. The lower side of his left forearm also contains a fish tattooed on it.
  • The inner side of his left forearm along with the background of his left arm is covered in tattoos of rocks, vines, and flowers to fill the spaces.
  • The upper side of both of Tommy’s wrists contains a name tattooed on them. The right one contains the name, “DYLAN” and the left one contains the name, “BRANDON” tattooed on them.
  • Both hands of the musician contain a tattoo of a star tattooed near the thumb.
  • Tommy’s right index finger contains swirl designs tattooed on it in the shape of a ring.
  • His left hand’s index finger contains a similar ring tattoo formed by diamonds.
  • The upper side of his left hand contains a tattoo of five parallel lines on it.
  • The side of his right hand contains a little tattoo of a flamingo bird on it.
  • Tommy’s left thigh contains a tattoo in the shape of a band wrapped around it that is formed by little tattoos of geometric shapes, faces, and different symbols.
  • The outer side of the musician’s left leg contains a large tattoo of a nude girl on it.
  • There is a small floral pattern tattooed on the inner side of Tommy’s left leg, just above his ankle.
  • The outer side of his right thigh and hip is covered in one of the largest tattoos of his body. It contains a tattoo of a large eagle on his hip, sitting on a branch, emerging from a tree’s bark originating from his thigh.
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  • Bowie (Dog) [2012-]
  • Sasha (Dog - rottweiler)
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Net worth
$70,000,000 USD
High school
  • South Hills High School, West Covina, California (transferred)
  • Roayl Oak High School, Covina, California (dropped out)
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University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA (2004)
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Talent agency add_black talent agency
Political affiliation add_black political affiliation
Political party add_black political party
“Pharrell Williams: '[Tommy Lee] is a great drummer with a lot of style. He keeps his chops up in terms of technique and his style in drumming; his chops are very sharp. Also, 'Pour Some sugar on Me' can be played in the middle of any hip-hop party. I love that.' Man, that's awesome that Pharrell paid respect. I've always loved his shit, ever since 'When Doves Cry'. Oh, wait, my bad. Pharrell is that producer guy from Atlanta who dates Janet Jackson. The little guy, right? Discovered Kris Kross. Nice. Thanks, bro.”
  • Tommy Lee was voted by Reader`s Choice Awards in Metal Edge magazine Best drummer in 1987.
  • Tommy Lee was vote by reader`s choice awards in Metal Edge magazine Best drummer in 1986.
  • Tommy also play the Piano and guitar which he use to write song.
  • Married Pamela Anderson three days after they first met.
  • Drummer for the metal band Mötley Crüe.

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