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  • George Briggs: Are you an angel? Mary Bee Cuddy: You're not dead. George Briggs: Help me. Will you help me? For God's sake.
  • (repeated line) Garn Sours: You don't love me!
  • Reverend Dowd: You are a good citizen, Mary Bee.
  • Thor Svendsen: Open the wagon!
  • (first lines) Mary Bee Cuddy: Come on, girls.
  • Aloysius Duffy: (after getting shot in the foot) Son-of-a-bitch!
  • Mary Bee Cuddy: You are a poor specimen of a man, Vester Belknap!
  • Thor Svendsen: (on his crazy wife) She thinks she's God.
  • Bob Giffin: Miss Cuddy. I appreciate the offer, the supper, the concert and all. But i cannot marry you, will not, won't. I ain't perfect but you are too bossy and too damn plain.
  • Reverend Dowd: I can help you with them dishes. Mary Bee Cuddy: I don't want any help with the dishes.
  • George Briggs: Why don't we marry? Tabitha Hutchinson: Maybe.
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