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  • A fly interrupted the show on two occasions by landing in one of the guests' drinks. In June 2013, the diving fly made Steve Carell go off-topic when it landed in Chris O'Dowd's alcoholic beverage. In October 2014, Emma Thompson interrupted the conversation in order to fish a fly out of Luke Evans's glass of red wine.
  • A trio of almost three "Doctor Who's" were assembled once on the couch. In 2013, Matt Smith and David Tennant appeared opposite Robbie Williams. In 2004, when "Doctor Who" was announced to return, Williams was rumored to play The Doctor in the revived series. Later, Tennant would perform the tenth Doctor and Smith was the eleventh Doctor.
  • Few major names have originally been scheduled to appear on the show, but later withdrew. In 2014, Nicole Kidman withdrew due to illness, in 2013, Jay Z canceled due to scheduling conflicts, and in 2007, Hilary Swank refused to appear on the show, after she discovered "the nature of the show."
  • In (#18.12) Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega appeared on this show to promote Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens (2015), and was joined by Kylie Minogue and David Beckham. Fisher starred in a Australian science fiction film titled The Time Guardian (1987), which was released exactly a decade after the very first "Star Wars" film.
  • Graham Norton's favorite question he had ever asked a guest was the one to Isla Fisher, which was, "Was it at Lecoq that you learned to squeal like a pig?" The answer was, "Yes."
  • Graham Norton introduces almost every comedian as "My favorite comedian".
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was sick with a cold when he appeared on the show on October 10, 2012.
  • Lenny Kravitz was the first and only guest to give a standing ovation to a person who told a story in the red chair.
  • Carrie Fisher's final talk-show appearance, as she passed away three weeks after the final interview in December 2016. She appeared on the show twice and was one of the few guests to previously have appeared on Graham Norton's other talk show So Graham Norton (1998).
  • Maggie Smith's appearance on this show marked the first time in 42 years she had appeared on a talk show.
  • The episode dated 22 April 2016 ends with a tribute to popular British comedian Victoria Wood, who died aged 62 two days before the show's broadcast. A clip of Wood's appearance in December 2014 was shown.
  • At the end of the second show of Series 19, Graham Norton paid tribute to Ronnie Corbett, whom passed away on March 31, 2016 and had made three appearances on his talk show. Ronnie Corbett's armchair monologues from The Two Ronnies (1971) inspired the Red Chair segments in this show.
  • Both Daniel Radcliffe and David Tennant visited the show while growing hair to a great length for a part. In both times, Graham Norton commented on the hair as the first thing when they arrived on the couch, and described it as "silly."
  • Both Emma Thompson and Bette Midler has thrown themselves off the couch and onto the floor as a joke.
  • In 2014, after 238 episodes, Graham Norton's chair fell apart while he was interviewing Nicole Kidman, Julie Walters and Hugh Bonneville. The chair was swiftly replaced with a new one that had a more dowdy design. Kidman and Walters said that in the new chair, "He (Graham Norton) looked like he was in the doctor's waiting room."
  • Graham Norton's TV talk show differs from most of its contemporaries, in that all scheduled guests are announced at the very beginning, then brought on stage, seated, and interviewed collectively.
  • Matt Damon said his visit to this show was "the best time (he) ever had on a talk show."
  • When the show moved from BBC2 and onto BBC1, due to its popularity, one of the few requests from the BBC channel was that the army of Barbie dolls in the background be removed.
  • Father Ted (1995) star Ardal O'Hanlon appeared on The Graham Norton Show (2007) in the eighteenth show of Series 1. Graham Norton played Father Noel Furlong in Father Ted (1995).
  • This is one of the last chat shows that Carrie Fisher did before her sad death in December 2016
  • Robin Williams visited the show two times. In both times, gay penguins and the Genie in Aladdin (1992) served as topics.
  • The first series was originally scheduled to run for thirteen episodes, but it proved so successful that it was extended to nineteen episodes.
  • In Series 19, Graham Norton stated the Red Chair segments were inspired by Ronnie Corbett's chair armchair monologues in the long running The Two Ronnies (1971) sketch comedy show, which ended in 1987.
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