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  • Mary Carroll: Its not a porno is it? Don't want any ridin' goin' on in here. Daithí Carroll: There's no ridin' in it. Mary Carroll: No ridin'? Must be Irish porn.
  • Kate Loughlin: It was all so sleazy. When did my agent turn into a pimp?
  • Luci Wilkinson: That Vincent Catalano's a bit of alright int he? Kate Loughlin: I guess... if you like that sort of thing. Luci Wilkinson: What? Tall, dark, handsome and built like a brick shithouse? Kate Loughlin: His bicep is bigger than my head.
  • Nikolas: I am not just perfect physical specimen. I have brain as well as body.
  • Vincent Catalano: You've heard of Robert De Niro right? Luci Wilkinson: Of course, he's in 'Meet The Fockers'!
  • Deborah Whitton: Self discipline - lacking in so many young actresses nowadays. 'Course I haven't got a jot of the stuff myself.
  • Jeremy Warner: You're getting a reputation as something of a 'Callback Queen'. Constantly shortlisted but never quite getting past the final hurdle.
  • Peter Towne: Well I think I'm entitled to be a little bit pissed off considering my girlfriend's been sucking the face off another woman for the whole day. Kate Loughlin: Ok one - I have not been sucking the face off anyone for the whole day 'cause that scene took a couple of hours, tops. And two - it's my job.
  • Vincent Catalano: I've been living in L.A. for the past six years and I've had it up to my tits with latte, mochaccino, frappe-whatever the fucks. My first day back in England I want a proper fucking cup of builder's tea. You got that?
  • Guido: You don't mind to kiss another girl? Luci Wilkinson: Nothing new to me darling. I study at Central. Same sex experimentation is practically an entry requirement.
  • Kate Loughlin: (At lunch with her agent) It was humiliating Jeremy. Jeremy Warner: Of course it was humiliating. It's a fucking casting.
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