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  • (all the Turtles get jammed in a tunnel) Donatello: (senses flatulence) Mikey, was that you? Michelangelo: Eh... pepperoni.
  • (seeing all the Turtles and Shredder) Vernon Fenwick: Four turtles... one's fighting a robot samurai. Why not?
  • April O'Neil: Swing me at him! (the Turtles swing April at Shredder and she knocks him off)
  • Shredder: (beats Raphael) The rat did not teach you well!
  • Raphael: Ram the gate! Vernon Fenwick: Ram the gate? This is Channel 6 property! Raphael: RAM THE GATE!
  • Michelangelo: (smashes through a Foot SUV and grabs the wheel) Hey, I'm drivin'!
  • Splinter: I know you are eager to answer their calls. But your training is not yet complete. The world below must remain your home. As your father, you must trust me and be patient. You are not ready to go above ground, but I believe when that day comes, you will rise to the streets to be heroes.
  • (April leans out of a truck to get photos) Vernon Fenwick: O'Neil, what are you doing? (sees her derriere) Vernon Fenwick: (stares) Yeah, that's good. Make sure you're getting everything... (nearly crashes the truck)
  • Splinter: Eyes focused! Elbows locked! Stance lowered! Be one with the blades!
  • (April meets the Turtles for the first time) April O'Neil: What are you? Leonardo: Well, miss, we're ninjas. Raphael: We're mutants! Donatello: Technically, we're turtles. Michelangelo: And we're teenagers. But we can have adult conversations. April O'Neil: So, you're... Ninja Mutant Turtle Teenagers? Donatello: When you put it like that, it sounds ridiculous!
  • (as the Turtles leave) Leonardo: (to April) Do NOT say a word about this to anyone. If you do, we will find you. April O'Neil. Michelangelo: Yeeeaaah, we'll fiiiind yoooou! O'Neil.!... I'm sorry, that came across super-creepy. We will find you, though!
  • (after beating the Foot) Raphael: That's what I'm talking about! Like shadows in the night, completely unseen... (April takes a picture) Michelangelo: What was that? Donatello: It's a camera flash... (April runs)
  • (sliding down a mountainslope) Raphael: Donnie! Donatello: Batter up! (with his staff, he swings Raphael into a SUV)
  • Raphael: Remember that thing you used to say when we were kids? Michelangelo: You made me promise never to say it again. Raphael: Forget about that. Still got one in the tank? Michelangelo: I've been holding it in for years... (the Turtles charge at the Shredder) Michelangelo: COWABUNGA!
  • Raphael: (his shell cracked by the Shredder) Just duct tape it up, I'm fine!
  • Raphael: Looking for this? (holds up April's phone) April O'Neil: No no no, don't break that! Please! Leonardo: (takes the phone out of Raph's hand) How many times do I have to tell you? We don't break things, we fix them. Donnie already wiped the pic, genius! Problem solved! Moving on! Raphael: Who made you boss? Leonardo: Splinter did! (both get in each others' faces) Michelangelo: Oooh, tension. It's been like thirty whole minutes since you had this conversation.
  • (Raph picks up his brothers' weapons) Raphael: Let's go save my brothers!
  • Michelangelo: (fights the Foot) You want some of this? I'm a snapping turtle fool! Snap, snap, snap!
  • (Splinter brings out a pizza since his children won't speak) Splinter: Of course, you've all tasted the five-cheese pizza. But this... cheesemongers have speculated its existence for centuries. Da Vinci's original masterpiece. I submit you... Novantanove Formaggio, The 99-cheese pizza! Michelangelo: It's not possible... Donatello: Mikey, it's a trap! Pizza with that variety of cheese is a culinary impossibility! Splinter: (holds out a piece to Michelangelo) Shall I list the ingredients? Cheddar... Provolone... Leonardo: Mikey, don't you do it! Splinter: Asiago... Donatello: Keep it together! Splinter: Pelago... Michelangelo: I don't even know what that is... Splinter: Mozzarella, of course... Michelangelo: (cracks) Okay, okay, okay... We left the lair because the Foot were taking hostages, and there was this girl named April O'Neil who took our picture... but we took care of it!
  • Splinter: Legend tells us they came at a time of great pestilence. Farms yielded no food, hearts no hope. Jealousy and spite lured them to us... the demons, the Yokai. Through fear, they enslaved the people. But a remnant of hope shined bright in the darkness... the kappa yokai. Summoned not from anger as the demons, but instead by their hogosha. Though powerful, they would require training from a master in the art of ninjutsu; one who could teach them the principles of honour, courage, wisdom and brotherhood; to become true heroes and defeat the warlord. With these newfound skills in ninjutsu, the kappa yokai were a deadly force. And for the first time in many years, darkness was banished from the land. One generation passed the legend on to the next, preserving their memory should they be needed once more...
  • Taylor: Mom, can I move back home?
  • (Raph discovers his brothers are in cages, with one cage empty) Shredder: Raphael, I have been expecting you. The last cage is for you!
  • (the Turtles show off their assault van) Michelangelo: Check the bases, bro! (activates missiles that blow up a car) Michelangelo: My bad... still figuring out the buttons...
  • Shredder: Very good, rat.
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