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  • Jeff Davis Orny Adams and Linden Ashby are the only people who know Stiles' real name.
  • Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer both small Californian towns feature a center of mystical convergence drawing supernatural creatures to the town, Buffy's being the Hellmouth and Teen Wolf's being the Nemeton.
  • There has been two Tylers, two Dylans and two Ians on the show. And starting season 5 there will be two Codys (Siantgnue and Christian who will play Theo)
  • In season 3 Argent mentions berserkers and how hard it is to kill then in season 4 Kate leads a team of berserkers to find Scott's pack
  • Dylan O'Brien's character in Teen Wolf was unconscious for most of the episode "Lunar Ellipse" in order for him to finish filming The Maze Runner.
  • Tyler Posey's double-banded tattoo was added into the show due to the long process of covering up the many tattoos Tyler has.
  • Many of the supposed wolf howls heard on the show are actually gorillas.
  • In season 3 Stiles references Back to the Future when he says Kira had 1.21 giga watts of electricity running through her.
  • Daniel Sharman who plays Isaac Lahey is British in real life.
  • Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) does not return in season 5.
  • Season three and five are split into two parts.
  • In season 5A, when all the characters are writing their initials on the library bookshelf during the senior scribe, look carefully and you'll see "METS!!" written on the shelf next to the one the characters are writing on. Dylan O'Brien snuck that in there.
  • Michael Fjordbak, who plays young Peter, is 6'1". While Ian Bohen, adult Peter, is only 5'10".
  • With the Season 5b final episode and overall season finale Apotheosis the character Arden Cho and Crystal Reed make their final show appearence, marking the exit of the actresses responsible for main cast characters that served as head hero Tyler Posey's Scott McCall's love interests.
  • The second genre show since Buffy The Vampire Slayer that deals with high schoolers transitioning into adulthood whilst battling demons, werewolves and various other supernatural entities.
  • Shantal Rhodes and Jeremiah Sutheim won their respective roles on Teen Wolf through a contest, both appearing as recurring characters in Season 3.
  • According to Jeff Davis, the cast and crew traditionally watch the season premieres at his house (and he usually orders everyone pizza.)
  • Dylan Sprayberry is the youngest main actor
  • Holland Roden originally auditioned for the role of Allison Argent twice, before reading for the part of Lydia Martin.
  • As of Season 2 supernatural creatures other than werewolves were introduced with the introduction of the Kanima.
  • The location known as Eichen House also appears in the movie Ouija where Shelley Hennig (known as Malia Tate/Hale in Teen Wolf) plays the role of Debbie Galardi.
  • As of season 5A, Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien are the only two actors to have appeared in every episode. Holland Roden, though credited for every episode, was absent from episodes in seasons 2 and 3.
  • Two new characters will be added to the show to make up the cast members that have left in season 5. They will all be high school students but, not all will be a werewolf or such supernatural being.
  • Both Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) and Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) have appeared in different episodes of the tvshow 'Drop Dead Diva'.
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