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  • Nelec: I swear to God on my mother's life, if you help us now, we will take care of you. Dr. Woodward: I've seen what happens, Mr. Nelec, when you take care of people.
  • Alice Dainard: I Know I don't know you at all. Even though it sort of feels like I do. Do you not feel like that? Joe Lamb: No, no, I totally do. I'm just kind of in shock at this entire conversation.
  • Jackson Lamb: You listen to me. I've got 12,000 people in this town who are scared out of their mind. They've got one person to rely on. It used to be someone else, but now it's just me.
  • Joe Lamb: Just because mom died, doesn't mean you know anything about me, you don't. And you don't know anything about Alice either, she's kind. Jackson Lamb: No listen. Joe Lamb: She's nice to me! Jackson Lamb: I don't care what she is! Her father's an irresponsible selfish son of a bitch.
  • (as the water tower transforms into a spaceship) Cary: What's he doing? Joe Lamb: He's making a model.
  • Joe Lamb: (old home movies of Joe's late mother playing) It's... It's so weird. Watching her like this. Like she's still here. She used to look at me this way, like really look, and I just knew I was there, that I existed. Alice Dainard: He drank that morning, My dad. He missed his shift. (Alice begins to cry) Alice Dainard: Your mom took it for him, the day of the accident, (long pauses. Fighting back tears) Alice Dainard: He... He, um... He... He wishes... I know he wishes it was him instead of her. And sometimes I do, too. Joe Lamb: Don't... Don't say that. He's your dad. (home movie ends)
  • Charles: I can't believe we're breaking into the school. Who does that? Nobody does that. Idiots do that.
  • Sheriff Pruitt: Kids walking around with their own stereo is just what we need. It's a slippery slope my friend.
  • Louis Dainard: Where're we going? Jackson Lamb: We're going to find our kids.
  • (first lines) Mrs. Kaznyk: I'm so worried for that boy. Mr. Kaznyk: Joe's gonna be okay. Mrs. Kaznyk: She was everything to him. Mr. Kaznyk: Jack's gonna step up. He's a good man. Mrs. Kaznyk: But he's never had to be a father before. I don't think he understands Joe.
  • Alice Dainard: What was that necklace? The one you were holding at the train crash. Was it your mom's? Joe Lamb: My dad gave it to her the day I was born. She wears it all the time. Well, used to. And... It was bad how she died and... But my dad got it back.
  • Jackson Lamb: I hope we're clear on that. Joe Lamb: We're not clear! Jackson Lamb: (turns around) What'd you say? Joe Lamb: We're not clear! You and I aren't clear about anything! We couldn't be less clear!
  • Charles: Joe, pass me that thing off the curtain. Ok, this is going to hurt a lot. Martin: OWWWWWWWWW! OUCH! AWWWWWW! Charles: Jesus Martin! I haven't done it yet!
  • Preston: According to my Uncle Seth, an accident like this is exceptionally rare.
  • Joe Lamb: She used to look at me... this way, like really look... and I just knew I was there... that I existed.
  • Cary: Hey, pussy! Stop taking the fries away. Charles: I ordered these fries for a reason! Cary: Excuse me, can we get another order of fries because my friend here is fat. Charles: Funny chompers, atleast I don't need to use a booster-seat.
  • Alice Dainard: So how am I supposed to be a zombie? Joe Lamb: Oh, um... Pretty much be a lifeless ghoul, with no soul. Dead eyes. Scary. Did you ever have Mrs. Mullin? Alice Dainard: For English? Yeah. Joe Lamb: Yeah. Kind of like her, but hungry for human flesh. Like she wants to turn somebody into a zombie. 'Cause that's kind of what zombies do. (Alice practices being a zombie. Soft music playing) Joe Lamb: Oh, my God, yeah. Thats really good. (Alice slowly approaches Joe. She reaches out for him, clasps his neck and gives him a kiss on the neck and laughs) Joe Lamb: Not bad. Alice Dainard: Really? Joe Lamb: Really. (Joe's eyes widen unsure what to think of what just happened. Charles notices the kiss... )
  • Martin: Guys, I have never had a teacher aim a gun at me!
  • Louis Dainard: I came to your house that day to tell you that I never meant to hurt anyone. I swear to God. I'm sorry, Jack. About what happened to your wife. Jackson Lamb: (long pause) It was an accident. (pause. Louis turns to Jack) Jackson Lamb: It was an accident.
  • Joe Lamb: Have you seen Lucy? Jackson Lamb: No. I'm sure she's around here somewhere. I left you two slices in the fridge. Deputy Tally: Oh, I ate those. Sorry, kid...
  • Jen Kaznyk: I asked Charles about you and he said you're a great guy. Donny: I totally am. Jen Kaznyk: Will you hate me if I start our relationship by asking a favor?
  • (seeing overturned bus) Donny: What the FUCK?
  • Joe Lamb: I know bad things happen. Bad things happen. But you can still live. You can still live.
  • Charles: They look like white Rubik's cubes or something.
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