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  • Cara Delevingne uses an American accent to play Dr. June Moone, but in order to play her dark side (the Enchantress), she uses her natural British accent.
  • David Ayer heavily considered casting Freddy Rodriguez as Chato Santana/El Diablo before finalizing on Jay Hernandez.
  • When Diablo demonstrates his powers to Captain Boomerang, a demonic, skeletal face with glowing eyes flashes within the flames. It is the same creature Diablo turns into later in the film. It is the personification of the fire-demon 'spirit of vengeance' that inhabits Diablo.
  • Director David Ayer makes a cameo in the Extended Cut of the film as a Belle Reve Penitentiary guard.
  • Harley Quinn's revolver is a .357 Magnum customized Chiappa "Rhino" 60DS with white grips inlaid with a gold Joker emblem and gold decoration on the barrel shroud.
  • The blue-black camouflage pattern used by the U.S. Navy SEALs in the film is a combination of several patterns, including the Desert Storm-era 'chocolate chip' desert pattern, the new U.S. Army standard Multicam/Operational Camouflage Pattern, a US Marine 'Urban-T' pattern from 1999, 'Flecktarn', and the French 'Lizard' pattern, known overall as 'Bravoflauge'.
  • David Ayer cast Cara Delevingne before there was an actual script. He asked her to prepare for her role as Enchantress by stripping naked in the woods, preferably underneath a full moon, and walking in the mud at night. She reportedly did so, on the secluded compound of her sister's mansion, for some much-needed privacy.
  • The Flash's (Ezra Miller) only line in the movie "No honor among thieves, eh?" is a reference to the 1990 series The Flash episode titled "Honor Among Thieves".
  • Ted Whittall (Admiral Olsen) portrayed Rick Flag in the Suicide Squad version of Smallville (2001).
  • When the Team's chopper is hit and is going down the pilot states "Six-one is going down." In the movie "Black Hawk Down" the first helicopter hit by an RPG is called "Super six-one."
  • The dead pig that Jared Leto sent the cast is actually seen when they're doing the feeding sessions to the inmates as they a drop the dead pig into Killer Croc's cell. It was later confirmed that this was the actual pig that was sent that was used in the film.
  • This is the second movie Will Smith and Margot Robbie starred. They took the main roles in the film Focus.
  • Only modern DC film to feature Batman not to be produced by Michael Uslan
  • Part of this film is set in Midway City. In the DC Comics, this was the home of the superhero couple Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
  • The Enchantress is the name of villainous characters in both DC and Marvel Comics, who coincidentally both wield magic and are clothed in green. The Enchantress of Marvel is a rival of Thor, while DC's is not primarily an antagonist on any one hero. In this film, she has been completely re-designed in order to look visually different and unique.
  • Jai Courtney was rumored to be in talks for Deadshot before being cast for Captain Boomerang.
  • When perfecting the Joker's laugh, Jared Leto publicly tried different laughs in New York City and Toronto to see which ones made people the most uncomfortable.
  • Will Smith and spouse Jada Pinkett Smith, both have acted as a character from Gotham City.
  • The helicopter crash scene was the last to be shot just in case any of the actors got injured and filming was delayed.
  • The military helicopters in the film are either MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) Black Hawk gunships or MH-47G Chinooks. Both are flown exclusively by the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) for special missions, like supporting the Suicide Squad in the film.
  • In killer croc's cell at the end of the film, the music video is he watching is Tech n9ne "dwamn".
  • David Ayer considered giving Shia LeBouf a part in the film, however Warner Bros allegedly vetoed this decision, due to his reputation.
  • David Ayer was thought about giving Shia LeBouf a play but Warner Bros refuse because Shia had a bad reputation.
  • Margot Robbie kept Harley Quinn's jacket.
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