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  • I was working straight for nine months and I'm exhausted. I'm ready to relax for a little while and read. I don't want to work for work sake; I have to be excited about it.
  • In 1979, Alien came out and Sigourney was in it with a bunch a guys. Nobody at that time expected the woman to be the hero, so that was a tradition that started.
  • I got nominated for a Tony, which was a complete surprise. It was an experience that I will always cherish.
  • As different as me and Sigourney look is as different as these two characters are. I'm not filling her shoes. I'm doing a part that has the same monsters, but it's a completely different movie.
  • I'll eventually go back to theater because the feeling of being on stage where you have the audience right there, you can't replace that with anything.
  • I look forward to going to work. Everybody is at the top of their game. It was like we just got to play.
  • I liked the fact that there were so many different representations of black women and black men in the movie. It wasn't like we all had the same agenda.
  • I love making movies. I love the fact that movies are forever. When I'm 80, my grandkids can see me in Love and Basketball and in Brown Sugar.
  • Sometimes when you don't care, people are attracted to that.
  • I did work out every day. I needed it to have the endurance to do what needed to be done and not get hurt. I have such a new respect for action stars now.
  • The Alien is gross, scary. There is something in a human being that looks at them and sees it as a cockroach. You can never feel nurturing towards the cockroach.
  • I started working professionally in '96 and I see an improvement in the amount of work given to my peers, whether it be in TV, theater, or film.
  • When you're on a set it can be very tedious and slow. It's just not as big as when you see it on film.
  • I'm just a wimp when it comes to scary movies. I'm the kind of person that will be up all night wondering what's in my apartment.
  • Some of us just have to work harder to stay in the game.
  • I wouldn't want anyone to destroy the earth.
  • To make a movie is very grueling at times. Long, long hours and cold weather.
  • If you're in love and there's that chemistry, that's what it's all about.
  • I didn't get to see Predator until halfway through shooting. It was great to get an education while I was shooting because it made me excited to be part of this legacy.
  • Being strong can be also feminine. I don't think feminine equals being weak. Being strong is very sexy.
  • I had never picked up a basketball before. I went through a grueling audition process. It was almost as if I was learning to walk. It would be like teaching somebody to dance ballet for a role.
  • When you have a play, you have to be on every night.
  • People make jokes about how black people are the first ones to be killed off.
  • You would never expect a black woman to be the hero.
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