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  • Here in L.A. the standard of beauty is kind of ridiculous. I want to be doing this when I'm in my fifties and sixties and this isn't what I'm going to look like.
  • I think a movie can inspire change, absolutely. Art, a book, a painting, a song, can definitely inspire change, whether it's a small change or a big change but you know there's novels I've read or a scene in a film that I've seen where I definitely inspired something and made a change or addressed an issue in my life or done something cliché like make a phone call. Absolutely, that's the power of art you would call it because it inspires movement within yourself. You know it's only really powerful when it reflects on you and you can relate to it or are moved by it in some way.
  • I did audition for "Home and Away" (1988), but they never called me back. I feel I escaped in a way.
  • I'm probably in that next group of actors they call if Scarlett (Johansson) or Keira (Knightley) turns down a part. But I feel really lucky. To be a working actor is pretty incredible, because 99 per cent of actors are out of work. I know a lot of talented people who are better actors than me but haven't had a break. It's all down to timing and luck."
  • I think its important to keep an element of fear about yourself because it makes you appreciate the jobs.
  • (Asked about What what she wants for her career) - I just want to continue being able to get roles that scare me and make me better and I think I can only grow as an artist if I do things that are scaring me and making me uncomfortable because that's the only place you'll learn anything.
  • I don't take it seriously. Because I'm the one living my life. I mean, I've got this tiny part in this big Brad Pitt movie, and everyone here thinks I'm playing Sally to Brad Pitt's Harry. I'm not, and I'm constantly having to say that." - On being labeled the next 'big thing'.
  • ''I used to drive, pretty pathetically, I'd just drive by their house all the time and they didn't know who I was. I'd just drive by the house all the time. I once knocked on the window and I thought, "What am I doing? What am I going to say if they come to the door and don't know who I am?" On her most dreadful crush.
  • He is a bit of a Casanova really. He's very polite, he's very gentlemanly and he's not a leer or anything like that, but he's definitely got a twinkle in his eye.
  • I guess you can get to a level where you choose. I guess when you reach that point maybe you start making decisions about whether you want to be a leading man or woman. I'm not at that point at all. Where I am now, you're very much at everybody else's mercy. You have no control over your career in a lot of ways. It's just important to know what your own goals are, because that's empowering."
  • That was easy, I just stood by Natalie Portman looking very serious. - On her role in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002).
  • I've had some pretty good experiences on everything, even if the film doesn't always work.
  • I'm starting to know how the world works a bit, and I'm learning more and more that the only thing that matters is what happens between 'action' and 'cut'. I'm allowing myself to be a bit more selfish, for want of a better word, just that it's OK to focus and that I don't have to be nice to everybody."
  • I see myself more as a character actress than a celebrity
  • Man: So what can you say about Brad Pitt? Rose: I don't know... I guess.... he's a nice person and a GOOD kisser!
  • I'd say I'm a bit of a fatalist but not as much as I was. I used to be like "whatever happens happens" and have that innate fatalistic outlook. But I think it's more about what you are thinking in your own mind that is the most powerful aspect of controlling your own life.
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