Ron Truppa

Ron Truppa

American, Producer
Ron Truppa

Ron Truppa was born in Providence, Rhode Island. His family moved to Nevada, Missouri when he was 5 years old. When he was 6 1/2 years old they moved to upstate New York. Six months after moving to New York, their house was set on fire and burnt down. Family moved back to Rhode Island when Ron was in 8th grade and he was voted "Friendliest" in yearbook that year.

As a Freshman, voted into Social Committee, started on Freshman football team, quickly pushed up to Junior Varsity, then to Varsity in same year.

Ron starred in high school plays, like "Grease", and variety shows (acting, dancing, singing). Held office of president for high school student council, Junior Achievement, Future Business Leaders of America, and Rhode Island state-wide student council.

Holds the Rhode Island record for registering the most amount of students in state`s voter registration program.

Secretary of State gave him a Student Leadership Scholarship upon graduating high school.

Went to Providence College and became class president.

In college he owned a late-night restaurant called "Ron T`s". Across the street he also owned a nightclub called "Buster`s".

Ron sold businesses during senior year in college. Worked in marketing department of a deregulated energy company after college. He left to start and Internet company.

Internet company collaborated with Had direct access to 1/7 of the world`s Chinese-speaking Internet population.

Acting at same time, he performed at Providence`s Veteran`s Memorial Auditorium, the Pepsi Forum, Boston Playwright`s Theatre, on Trinity Repertory`s Tony Award-winning stage, and various other stages around New England.

Started appearing in local and national commercials, independent films, and city`s namesake NBC TV show "Providence".

Moved to Los Angeles. Kept studying acting and booked studio and independent films, commercials, TV shows, soap operas, and stage productions.

Started production company in 2006, "TRUPPA Entertainment", creating, producing, writing, directing, and appearing in, documentaries, TV Shows, Films, Shorts, Commercials, and Music Videos...

Started the Catalina Film Festival in 2010, which launched in 2011 with the Catalina Film Society, and that was followed with the launch of the Catalina Film Institute in 2012.

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Ron Truppa was born on May 8 in Providence, Rhode Island. He is best known as a producer. He attended high school at Lincoln High School. For university, he studied at Providence College. His religion is listed as Roman Catholic. He is 5' 8½" (174 cm) tall and weighs 170 lbs (77 kg) with an athletic build. He has light brown eyes and dark brown hair (color). His zodiac star sign is Taurus.
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Date of birth
May 8
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Providence, Rhode Island
Actor, Director, Producer, Festival Founder, Entrepreneur
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5' 8½" (174 cm)
170 lbs (77 kg)
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Beautiful eyes! : ) (Big honey-brown eyes that pierce through you!!! : ))
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Lincoln High School
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Providence College
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  • Ron Truppa founded the Catalina Film Festival in 2010

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