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  • I'm not going to have a baby until I'm around 30-something.
  • All I can do is take influences from where I was raised.
  • I don't know what it feels like not to have a great family support system - I was lucky to have that.
  • I'm often mistaken for Spanish or Latin descent.
  • My mum and my dad are the sweetest couple.
  • It's nice to always make an effort when you get photographed.
  • I think I've always been fine on stage - though I get nervous beforehand. But once I'm on stage, all of that goes out of the window.
  • I dyed my hair blonde when I was 14. My mom was not happy. But I love being blonde.
  • Clothes are fun. The designers have so much fun making them, you should have fun wearing them, too.
  • When it comes down to the music, it's just you and the microphone. It's not you and the record execs.
  • Roc Nation is such an incredible, unique team, especially in the music industry. Everyone genuinely loves and cares about each other.
  • You can tell an honest artist from one who's just given all their songs.
  • I have had young fascinations but never love.
  • I walked into this industry blond with red lips, and I will leave this industry blond with red lips. Mark my words.
  • Every person has a signature. Just some people don't know it yet.
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