David J. Reid

David J. Reid

New Zealander, Producer
David J. Reid

Riley Reid

Producer - Born December 2, 1978 in New Zealand


Busker Dave

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Riley Reid (aka Busker Dave) is an Australian film Producer/Writer/Director.

Worked on low budget feature film

Strange James in 2004, then attending Swinburne University's Film & Television course for three years in Melbourne. In 2010 he released two short films The Gun and The Butchers Daughter. The Gun was shortlisted for Tropfest, The Butchers Daughter (Shot on 16mm film) was released at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010.

For 5 years

Riley took a break from film and went around Australia on an adventure with his ukulele. Known as Busker Dave he release three albums and played on the stage at Splendour in the Grass (Byron Bay) as well as supporting Wolfmother at a gig that same year. Riley (aka Busker Dave) made millions of people smile around Australia and in 2017 put down the ukulele and picked up the Camera again. With a television series called Hectic and 2 feature films ready to start production.

Riley is

passionate and creative and is based in Canberra, ACT.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Riley Reid

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Full name at birth
Riley Reid
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Date of birth
2 December 1978
Place of birth
New Zealand
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Net worth
$2,000,000 USD
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