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Reena Hammer

As Creative Director of the Urban Retreat Group, and The Urban Retreat Beautique - Reena manages essential brand relationships, ensuring they are feeling fresh and innovate year on year , and works closely with the design team to develop all in store graphics and visual merchandising. With a keen eye for detail and a rather sickening Louboutin collection – Reena is one seriously savvy and super stylish sister. As the daughter of makeup artist Ruby Hammer, and Urban Retreat CEO George – Reena has been completely immersed in beauty from the year dot and we can’t think of a person better placed to keep us all looking fabulous at the forefront of the beauty industry.

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Reena Hammer was born on 19 November 1984 in London, England, UK. Her full name at birth was Reena Hammer. She is best known as a business professional. For university, she studied at Kings College London Latin & English Literature. Her religion is listed as Other. She is 5' 3" (160 cm) tall and weighs 100 lbs (45 kg) with a slim build. She has dark brown eyes and black hair (color). Her zodiac star sign is Scorpio.
Full name at birth
Reena Hammer
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Date of birth
19 November 1984
Place of birth
London, England, UK
Creative Director of Urban Retreat
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5' 3" (160 cm)
100 lbs (45 kg)
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Kings College London Latin & English Literature
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I am not wildly keen to take on either of my parents' businesses! I toy with the ideas of wanting to start up a fashion label or Write a Best-Selling book. I think it is time that I write a book and design clothes. 'To be successful and to earn good money from what you do, you need to love it, so I'm thinking about what avenue to take.'
  • "I met Johnny in 2004 at the restaurant Momo off Regent Street. Hammer Time, for me. He was shooting Match Point and I was there with one of my friends. I clocked him and said, "I'm going to have that." Three months later, he'd moved into My flat in Camden, near my father's and I wasted over six years with him. When I said, "I'll f****g kill you over the scene where he was rubbing baby oil into Scarlett's back, I was a jealous and angry. I am not the same person I was when we were together, and I grew up. I broke up with him because of the physical abuse, substance abuse (especially Cocaine), and Johny has homosexual tendencies. There's an age gap between us [over nine years] but he's quite young in some ways and I'm grown-up for my age. He didn't know how to change bed sheets when I met him and I don't stand for things like that, so he definitely will never grow up. I always told people that we would make it work, but I blame Johnny and his Mum for most of his problems. Johnny is poor bloke, and he has not come to terms with his sexual preferences. Speaking of sex, it was the worst sex I've ever had in my life!" Upon ordering another cocktail, Reena switches the subject to Mother's Day, "I am lucky to have a great Mum, and we been close, although we may have different opinions, we make sure everything meets our approval. I get a protectiveover my mum and my new sexy boyfriend.'
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers Jilted By Ex-Lover Over the past six years, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has declined in The Motion Picture Association of America, and his career is permanently damaged from the drama with his ex-lover, Reena Hammer. Complaints have been raised that Miss Reena Hammer knew from the start that she would probably have to divest herself of the actor to appease his fans. Despite numerous calls to the police, reporters, and magazines, Miss Hammer stayed with the man she claims has homosexuality tendencies, absolute junkie from a destitute family, and someone who she alleges beat her up. In May of 2011, a British reporter received a strange call from a Reena Hammer. Reena agreed to be taped in an interview, and she landed an interview with Ms. Kung. When the tape started recording the interview, Reena became aggressive and told on the record, "I invested money in JRM and that is the reason why I stayed over six years with him. I paid for his flat and I paid to promote him. Johnny is the worst lover, has homosexual tendencies, and he is a junkie who beat me. He has been locked up in Rehab over four times, and anything that comes out of his mouth is absolute rubbish. I loved going to events, and I caught the eye of major league actors. Johnny never saw this coming, and I can talk absolute rubbish to his brothers on the telephone in order to shed my obligations and solidify my position, and they believe anything I tell them, poor lads. When Johnny was filming The Tudors, I forced him into Rehab for the fourth or fifth time. I am the one who sent JRM to Capio Nightingale rehab clinic to seek help last year. In private-pay facilities, the medical services are better. In 2010, Johnny became extremely unstable and psychotic, and I toyed with ideas of writing a book or doing something in Fashion, but when Johnny's brother (Ali) found out about this, I called it nonsense and more rubbish. I denied the truth to ensure competition with other women, until now. I feel safe knowing that JRM is in Rehab for the fifth, sixth, or is it, uhm, eh, the eighth time now?" Reena explodes laughing. "Johnny doesn't face the uncertainty over cash flow, and I am in the process of leading a successful life with Mr. Right. When I met my new boyfriend, I kept it hidden with good reason. My mum loves him, and he is adorable. With Johnny out of the picture, we are expected to close a deal in July of 2011. That is if everything goes as planned, and I can gradually dump Johnny and his stressful family. I have a plan with a goal of leading myself to a higher status in life." Jonathan Rhys Meyers was not available for comment, but it is widely speculated that he is in Rehab again. Many sightings of him have been in South Africa where Miss Hammer nodded that he was receiving treatment for his addictions. "I am always in charge, and I will extend the family-friendly version of myself to Johnny's brothers if it is a necessity much like going to grocery stores." Miss Hammer smirks and asked the waitress for the check. "I have to meet my boyfriend now, and sorry I cannot tell you his name but it is for the best. Mum agrees with me and I have an asset to be proud of and take home now. I am very excited about it." Meanwhile, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in treatment. Posted by David at 3:32 PM Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: breakup, Drugs, Insulted by Reena Hammer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Radar Online, scandal, split

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