Philippe Mercier

Philippe Mercier

Philippe Mercier

Philippe Mercier

CAS, is Award winning Production Sound Mixer known for his work on Head in the Clouds (2004), X MEN: Apocalypse (2016), X MEN: Dark Phoenix (2018) and Jack Ryan (2018).

He has recorded

sound for picture in over 30 countries with client such as 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Amazon, Legendary and National Geographic. Feature films and Television series take 80% of his agenda followed with Documentary films.

At 19 years old

Philippe enrolled at Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto, Canada. A famous sound recording institute were he learned from the best names in the audio industry.

In 1996

after graduating, he moved back to Montreal, and started to work as a freelance Sound Recordist on multiple TV shows. By 2000, Philippe started specializing in location sound. TV series, motion picture films, commercials and high definition documentaries, were expanding his recording business.

In 2002

, Philippe won the Gemini Award for "Best sound Documentary" for a film called "La Bottine Souriante" a traditional music film shot on tour in Canada, Spain, UK and Ireland. In 2008 Philippe was honored with two Gemini nominations for "best sound in Drama" for two different television series. In 2016 he received a Gemini nomination for "best sound in Drama" for the TV series: Blue Moon.

Philippe Mercier

has two beautiful daughters. Charlie and Clara. He lives in the Laurentians near Montreal, Canada.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Philippe Mercier

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