Pedro Virgil

Pedro Virgil

Fiji photographer, author, tv personality

Pedro Virgil (born 28 August 1973) is a Fiji born Australian photographer and Reality TV show personality, and engineer. He is best known in the Americas for his participation as a judge and photographer on the reality show Caribbean's Next Top Model, a Guest Photographer on Australia's Next Top Model and Project Runway Australia seasons 1 & 2, and his photography is featured in many magazines covers and editorials including: Inside Sport, Men's Health, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Gay Times, DNA Magazine, FHM, Details. He has worked with a long list of corporate agencies and prestigious clientele both nationally and internationally.

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Pedro Virgil was born on 28 August 1973 in Savusavu, Fiji Islands. They are best known as a photographer. Their zodiac star sign are Virgo.
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28 August 1973
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Savusavu, Fiji Islands
Noted Fashion Photographer
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