Paul Tassone

Paul Tassone

Australian actor
Paul Tassone

Paul Tassone (born 27 October 1969) is an Australian actor most known for his work as Nelson Curtis on All Saints, an Australian hospital drama. In late 2007–2008, he played a reverend who turned out to be a violent stalker as a result of a brain tumor on Home and Away. Tassone also starred as corrupt cop Dennis Kelly in the drama Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities and reprised the role for the third season which is titled Underbelly: The Golden Mile. He has also had guest appearances on City Homicide and Rescue: Special Ops. His film credits include the multi-award winning feature Men's Group (2008) in which his performance of the troubled Moses has been heralded as one of the great Australian screen performances in recent history.

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27 October 1969
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Perth, Australia
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