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Natalie Burn

Ukrainian, Actress
Natalie Burn

Natalie Burn, born Natalia Guslistaya, is a Ukrainian American actress, model, screenwriter and film producer. She is known for starring in the films The Expendables 3, Awaken, Killer Mermaid, Downhill, and Mechanic: Resurrection.

Russian Actress Natalie Burn. Hollywood actress Natalie Burn was born Natalia Guslistaya May 19, into the family of a ballerina and a representative of scientific and managerial dynasty. She is the granddaughter of Nicholas Guslisty, former deputy head of Gazprom. Natalia studied at the Moscow Academic Choreography School at the Bolshoi Theater. Later she graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. Natalya Guslistaya is a choreographer, soloist of classical and modern ballet dancer with a unique range of salsa and flamenco to kapuero, jazz and hip-hop stunt. Danced at the Bolshoi, La Scala, the British Royal Theatre, etc. Natalie Burn was included in the prestigious Actors Studio in New York City and West Hollywood, having become the only actress of Russian origin.

Natalie Burn is a Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio ran by Al Pacino, Mark Rydell & Alec Baldwin. Natalie was the last actress Martin Landau made a member of The Actors Studio before he passed away. She is a Hollywood actress, dancer, Prima Ballerina, choreographer, writer, singer, composer and a producer who has a résumé that is genuinely unique. Currently Ms Burn is partnering with Millenium Films to produce a new motion picture "59 Rows of Teeth". Natalie's latest work is a film she played the lead in called "The Executioners" directed by Giorgio Serafini produced by Phil Goldfine and Nick Chartier (Voltage) released by LionsGate. Recently starring in "Awaken/Left To Die", a feature film that she created and produced, co-starring Darryl Hannah, Vinnie Jones, Robert Davi and Edward Furlong, Ms. Burn has also had key roles in "Expendables 3" with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford where she played the wife of Mel Gibson, she also appears in "Killer Mermaid/Nymph" with Franco Nero, "Criminal" with Jordi Molla , Kevin Costner, and Tommy Lee Jones , in "Mechanic Resurrection" with Jason Statham and Jessica Alba and "Mothers and Daughters" starring Sharon Stone, Selma Blair, Courteney Cox, Susan Sarandon. As well as having lead roles in "Karla", "Downhill" and "The Ghosts of Garip" in addition to prominent spots in several other films and TV series. But it's her path to Hollywood that sets her apart from other actresses of her generation.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Natalie was guided into ballet training from the age of 4 by her mother, a former ballerina herself. By age 8, she was admitted into the world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow, and in her teens, she moved to London to complete her education at the Royal Ballet School. In a few years she was admitted to the Rambert Dance at the Brunel University where she was keen in learning the art of choreography and modern forms of dance. Natalie had a great dance career performing on top stages all over the world. As a choreographer, Ms Burn has worked for numerous theatrical productions as well as putting on her own show for Unesco called "AstroBallet". She also funded her own charity organization for environmental awareness where she presented her own ballet called "Stella" which gained the support of Michelle Rodrigues and Owen Wilson. She has also worked with stars such as Paula Abdul, Nelly, Jackson 5, Eros Ramazotti and Mario. Natalie also appeared as a model on the cover of Calvin Harris album "Motion".

Later she decided to pursue her love of performing and creativity through acting. She moved to Los Angeles and was admitted to the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in West Hollywood, later she continued her studies at the renowned Actors Studio moderated by Martin Landau. It was in Los Angeles where Ms Burn teamed up with Benny 'the Jet' and trained kickboxing, jiu jitsu, wire work, knife, gun and sword fighting. Because of her international background and ability to speak 4 languages - not to mention her rather exceptional fighting spirit- Natalie caught the attention of casting agents and producers in Hollywood, and she began winning small roles that helped her hone her craft.

Natalie now actively produces and stars in independent films. Through her company 7Heaven Productions she produced her first project "Fallen Angel," she starred as a composer turned heroin addict. The short film won The Merit Award at the 2014 Accolade Competition for the outstanding work by a female filmmaker. Than "Awaken/Left To Die", which has appeared at more than 20 international film festivals, the film shows her vulnerability and growing confidence as an actress, as well as her ability to take on physical and highly choreographed action film roles. Natalie Burn won Best Actress Awards for her role as Billy Kope in Awaken, at Sunscreen Film Festival and Los Angeles Movie Awards as well as was nominated at NoHo Cine Fest. On top of that Awaken won additional 10 awards for Best Feature at different International Film Festivals. Today Natalie continues her path as an actress and a producer in Hollywood who is currently working on a few of her passion projects.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Natalie Burn

Trivia (1) In April 2018, Burn became an American citizen.

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Natalie Burn was born on May 19 in Kiev, Ukraine. Her full name at birth was Natalia Guslistaya. She is best known as an actress. For university, she studied at Ukrainian Kiyanochka Choreography Academy. She is 5' 7¾" (172 cm) tall and weighs 128 lbs (58 kg) with a slim build. She has grey eyes and light brown hair (color). Her zodiac star sign is Taurus.
Full name at birth
Natalia Guslistaya
Claim to fame
The Expendables 3, Awaken, Killer Mermaid, Downhill, and Mechanic: Resurrection
Date of birth
May 19
Place of birth
Kiev, Ukraine
Actress, model, screenwriter, film producer
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5' 7¾" (172 cm)
128 lbs (58 kg)
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High school add_black high school
  • Ukrainian Kiyanochka Choreography Academy
  • Bolshoi Ballet Academy
  • Royal Ballet School
  • Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance
  • Actors Studio
  • The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
  • London Academy of Radio, Film & TV
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