Music Theater Of Lincoln Center

Music Theater Of Lincoln Center

Music Theater Of Lincoln Center

IN 1964 Broadway Composer RICHARD RODGERS Was Asked To Serve As President And Producing Director For What Would Be Called The MUSIC THEATER OF LINCOLN CENTER. Each Summer Would Present Two Or Three Classic Broadway Musical Revivels At Lincoln Center's NEW YORK STATE THEATRE. This Page Is A Celebration (In Pictures) Of Those Wonderful Shows. John Raitt,Rise Stevens,Alfred Drake,Henry Clavin,Lee Venora,Ethel Merman,Bruce Yarnell,Kurt Peterson,Patrica Munsel,Darren MaGavin,Bob Wright,Edward Everett Horton,Jerry Orbach,Patricia Neway, Florence Henderson,Georgio Tozzi,David Doyle,Brabara Cook,David Wayne,Constance Towers,Margaret Hammelton, To Name A Few. Franz Allers Would Serve As Musical Director and Conductor Of Most Of These Revivel Productions. RCA VICTOR Would Record These Titles Which Would Become Best Sellers For The RCA Label. Most Of These Titles Are Now Available On The Masterworks Broadway Series.

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