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  • (On working on her film Timemaster (1995)) "It was so awful. We turn the 'M' upside down and called it Timewaster".
  • (On Heath Ledger after his death): He had an uncontrollable energy. He buzzed. He would jump out of bed. For as long as I'd known him, he had bouts with insomnia. He just had too much energy. His mind was turning, turning, turning - always turning. He had a talent for everything that he put his mind to. He didn't know limits. I think that the interesting thing about Heath, which maybe people have only really fully discovered in his death, his how vulnerable he was. You can pick up on it in his performances, but it's easy to overlook because he was so physical and beautiful and strong and masculine. But there was always that underlying sensitivity. That's who he was.
  • I can't watch myself (in movies). I used to think I was cool. Now, my standpoint is that I can't be fair. So I can't pass any judgment.
  • (Of her former partner, Heath Ledger) His family and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, and takes steps two at a time, and we know that he is with us still.
  • Outside of the business during a dry spell, I scooped ice cream at a country fair, and I ate more than I sold. Making a cone is difficult, and I lost so many scoops into the chocolate swirl
  • I feel like I'm watching a movie. I watch the news and the television, and I think it's going to hit me sometime soon.
  • I was born with a fierce need for independence.
  • The possibilities are endless for me '” Broadway, TV, music and film,
  • We definitely see it as a second home. We're really set on making that commitment to this city even though it is more difficult to be here because we're more visible here than in (New York's) Brooklyn.
  • "There was a weird, innate kind of understanding between me and Christina (Ricci). A psychic told us we were sisters in a past life."
  • Beyonce and Kelly to me are like sisters.
  • We had lived in blissful anonymity until that story came out. There were photographers around the next day.
  • Just seeing him (on television) and being able to see his eyes and his reaction to his rescue just took a huge load off my shoulders.
  • I went to sleep with the news every night,
  • Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.
  • In ten years, I would like to live on a river and to be known to be in one of the most succesful singing groups.
  • There was a sense of being taken on a journey by the grandmaster of the road trip. You feel this weird angel taking you somewhere. You don't know where, but you trust him.
  • On her character Jen: "She's this stable, happy-go-lucky girl still wrestling with demons; she grew up quickly at a real fast pace. Of course I can relate to that." - USA Today
  • "I don't want to be an unhealthy role model"- Michelle Sunday's Daily News
  • "I think it's a lot sexier not to flaunt everything"
  • "I came to L.A. so wide-eyed, the picture of fresh-faced innocence -- and so fucking excited. I just thought I would work! I just thought I would play cool parts!"
  • "Whatever happened to really awesome hardcore chicks like the Runaways? How did we all get so fluffy all of a sudden?" - Michelle from Paper Magazine
  • "It's the woman/child thing that I've got going on inside my head, I have always felt older than I am and most of my friends are considerably older than me. I just never' related to kids my own age." - The Record
  • "I've just never been that comfortable around people my own age, so I've always dated older men." - Maxim
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