Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker

American actress (born 1964)
Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker (born August 2, 1964) is an American actress. After making her Broadway debut as Rita in Craig Lucas' Prelude to a Kiss in 1990 (for which she received a Tony Award nomination), Parker came to prominence for film roles in Grand Canyon (1991), Fried Green Tomatoes (1991), The Client (1994), Bullets over Broadway (1994), A Place for Annie (1994), Boys on the Side (1995), The Portrait of a Lady (1996), and The Maker (1997). Among stage and independent film appearances thereafter, Parker received the 2001 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her portrayal of Catherine Llewellyn in David Auburn's Proof, among other accolades. Between 2001 and 2006, she recurred as Amy Gardner in the NBC television series The West Wing, for which she was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2002. She received both a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Harper Pitt in the acclaimed HBO television miniseries Angels in America in 2003.

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Mary-Louise Parker was born on Sunday, 2 August 1964 in Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Her full name at birth was Mary-Louise Parker. She is best known as an actress. Parker's country of citizenship (nationality) is American. Mary-Louise attended high school at Marcos de Niza High School, Tempe, Arizona, USA (1982). For university, she studied at North Carolina School of the Arts. Her religion is listed as Christian. She is 5' 8" (173 cm) tall and weighs 128 lbs (58 kg) with a slim build. She has hazel eyes and dark brown hair (color). Mary-Louise Parker is 59 years old and her zodiac star sign is Leo.

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Full name at birth
Mary-Louise Parker
Claim to fame
her roles as Ruth Jamison in the 1991 comedy-drama film Fried Green Tomatoes, Dee in the 1991 drama film Grand Canyon, Dianne Sway in the 1994 legal thriller film The Client, Robin Nickerson in the 1995 comedy-drama film Boys on the Side, Amy Gardner in the NBC political drama series The West Wing, Harper Pitt in the acclaimed HBO drama miniseries Angels in America, Nancy Botwin in the Showtime dark comedy-drama series Weeds, Sarah Ross in the 2010 action comedy film RED and its 2013 sequel film RED 2, Mildred Proctor in the film 2013 supernatural action comedy R.I.P.D., Roma Guy in the eight-part ABC docudrama miniseries When We Rise, and Teresa Kaepernick in the six-episode Netflix limited fictionalized drama series Colin In Black & White
Date of birth
2 August 1964
Place of birth
Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Actress, Voice Actress, Writer
Occupation category


5' 8" (173 cm)
128 lbs (58 kg)
Hair color
Eye color
Zodiac sign
Distinctive feature
  • Slender frame
  • Shoulder-length, straight hair
  • Gleaming face
  • Affable smile
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Shoe size
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Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
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High school
Marcos de Niza High School, Tempe, Arizona, USA (1982)
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North Carolina School of the Arts
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Talent agency
  • Celebrity Talent International
  • Viewpoint, Inc.
  • United Talent Agency (LA)
  • Untitled Entertainment (LA)
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“My way to combat anything is just to walk straight into it with my fists up.”
  • She is a confessed fan of Corona beer.
  • She is a regular practitioner of transcendental meditation.
  • The song Butterfly in Reverse, by the band Counting Crows, was written with her in mind.
  • In 2016, she was honored with the Ally Award in recognition of her work as an LGBT rights advocate.
  • Born in Fort Jackson, a US Army installation in Columbia, South Carolina, Mary-Louise had spent her childhood in several different places including Tennessee, Texas, Thailand, Germany, and France, due to her father’s position in the US Army. She has often talked in interviews about being unhappy as a child, due to this constant movement/relocation.

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