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  • The framing and close ups in Persona (1966) were used as inspiration.
  • Third film starring Scarlett Johansson that was inspired by a writer-director's own experience with divorce; the previous films being Lost in Translation (2003) for Sofia Coppola and Her (2013) for Spike Jonze respectively. Interestingly enough, Coppola and Jonze were married to each other in the past.
  • Marriage Story was the first Netflix film to be granted the longest theatrical release of 30 days.
  • Both Noah Baumbach and Adam Driver were fans of the musical: Company, thus both decided to have the Charlie sing Being Alive and Nicole sing You Could Drive a Person Crazy in the film.
  • Uniquely, Marriage Story is love story told through the lens of a divorce.
  • Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson did 50 takes of the fight scene in Charlie's apartment.
  • Based in large part on Noah Baumbach's own experiences when he divorced Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2013. According to Baumbach, Leigh has seen the film and likes it.
  • Noah Baumbach would give notes to Scarlett Johansson or Adam Driver separately during the fight scene to surprise the other actor and gain different reactions.
  • Adam Driver's fourth collaboration with Noah Baumbach.
  • Charlie's collapse onto the floor during the climactic fight scene was improvised by Adam Driver.
  • When Nicole is dressed up as David Bowie for Halloween, Charlie mistakes her outfit for Bowie's "Station to Station" outfit. Nicole swiftly corrects him by saying "Let's Dance". However, neither of them are right. Nicole is wearing David Bowie's outfit from his 1983 Serious Moonlight tour, though the Serious Moonlight tour was in support of Let's Dance and the title "Serious Moonlight" comes from the lyrics to Let's Dance (1983).
  • Adam Driver and Laura Dern also co-starred in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017), although they shared no scenes in that movie.
  • When Noah Baumbach's partner Greta Gerwig first saw Marriage Story in the cutting room, she sent Noah a photo of herself crying after the opening montage.
  • Adam Driver's character, Charlie Barber lived in Indiana before moving to New York. Similarly, Adam Driver grew up in Mishawaka, Indiana then permanently settled in New York.
  • Scarlett Johansson's monologue was shot in one take. Hence, due to the long nature of the scene, a new film roll had to be used every take.
  • Netflix reopened the previously closed Paris Theatre in New York to exclusively play Marriage Story.
  • Laura Dern 's character is loosely based on a real life female Los Angeles attorney who represented Dern and Scarlett Johansson during their respective divorces.
  • Scarlett Johansson and Laura Dern appeared in The Horse Whisperer. Set in Montana; at least in part; and the cast of both films includes Sam Neill, who appeared in Jurassic Park as Dern's love interest.
  • Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, and Laura Dern were cast before Marriage Story's script was complete. Hence, throughout the script writing process, the cast collaborated with writer/director Noah Baumbach on certain character aspects.
  • Noah Baumbach consulted real practicing divorce lawyers to achieve authenticity in the portrayal of the divorce process on-screen. He discussed the script with them and asked the divorce lawyers what character ammunition and defense they would use for both Nicole and Charlie.
  • The joke Bert Spitz tells about the hairdresser criticizing a woman's holiday plans ends with her coming back later, telling her hairdresser of a wonderful holiday ending in an audience with the Pope. The Pope put his hand on top of her head and asked her, "Who did this terrible hairstyle of yours?"
  • Julie Hagerty plays Scarlett Johansson's mother in the film and also played the mother of Ryan Reynolds' character in the 2005 film "Just Friends." Reynolds is Scarlett's first ex-husband.
  • In Nicole's mother's house, there is a magazine article featuring Charlie and Nicole entitled Scenes From A Marriage. This is a homage to Bergman's film Scenes from a Marriage (1974)
  • In the film, Charlie receives the highly prestigious MacArthur "Genius Grant." Writer/Director Noah Baumbach's sister-in-law Annie Baker is a real-life recipient of this award, being named a MacArthur fellow in 2017, when this film was already in production.
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