Lyra Louvel

Lyra Louvel

American, Pornstar
Lyra Louvel

Lyra Louvel

Pornstar -

Date of Birth

30 December 1992, Los Angeles, California, USA


5' 7" (1.7 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Slim, comely, and sexy 5'7" blonde Lyra Louvel was born on December 30, 1992 in Los Angeles, California. Of mixed French, Bolivian, and Panamanian descent, Lyra grew up as a tomboy in Southern California and lost her virginity at age fourteen. Following an early graduation from high school, Louvel went on to attend make-up school in Los Angeles. Lyra started out in the adult entertainment industry as a professional dominatrix. Among the notable adult websites and companies that Louvel has worked for are Brazzers, Blacked, Metro,, Tushy, Mile High, Team Skeet, Evil Angel, Femdom Empire, Girlfriends Films, ATK Exotics, Wicked Pictures, Naughty America, and Zero Tolerance.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: woodyanders

Personal Quotes (7)

I've always been a free-spirited weirdo.

I like men and women equally. I love people. I am a big believer in reincarnations. I believe I've been a man and a woman many times and everyone around me as well. So it's more the person's energy that I'm attracted to than you. I've been lucky enough to have stellar experiences with both [sexes].

I love people watching me have sex.

[on how she started out in the adult entertainment industry] Started as a dominatrix and started doing some fem dom porn and then I decided that I would pursue my dream of being a porn star. I've thought about being a porn star since I was 16 years old.

I absolutely love older men. I also love MILFs as well. What gets me wet is really good conversation with the person I'm fucking. In my experience people who are older and more mature have been better conversationalists.

What I look for in any human being whether it's a man or a woman is the ability to express yourself. I have found in many relationships people who don't know how to express themselves have a very hard time understanding why they do the things they do. Living in close proximity to another human that can drive you mad.

[from an interview in May, 2016] I'd like to get the time machine and go back and fuck Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson. I'd probably still fuck them present day.

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Full name at birth
Lyra Louvel
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Date of birth
30 December 1992
Place of birth
Los Angeles, California, USA
Performer Actress
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5' 7" (170 cm)
114 lbs (51.7 kg)
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TATTOOS Front of left upper arm
add_black pencil
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