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Liza Bear

American filmmkaer

Liza Bear Director -

Bio In the late 1970's Liza Bear, in collaboration with other artists, created an intriguing body of work that consistently focused attention on communications issues especially satellites and public access cable, and the disempowered role of the public in communications policy. Central to Bear's early work was a desire to tie the means of production (technology) to the reasons for production (capitalistic advantage, national ideology, etc.). While Bear's concerns are global, her approach is always personal and experimental-collapsing the norms of narrative and documentary, subjective authorship and objective document. She was the co-founder of Communicatiosns Update, an artists' TV show on public access cable TV in Manahttan. Her short films include "Oued Nefifik: A Foreign Movie", 1982, 27:30, a post-colonial comedy of manners filmed near Casablanca; Lost Oasis, 1982, 10:00, a desert fantasy and "Earthglow", 1983, 8 min, a character animation in which the only images are words

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Cofounder of New York based art magazine Avalanche (1970 to 1976) with Willoughby Sharp.

Studied philosophy at The University of London. She has taught at Columbia University, NYU and the School of Visual Arts.

Her short stories have been published in Between C and D and Bomb magazine. From 1995-2005 her interviews and profiles of world filmmakers have appeared in Newsday, the New York Times, Ms. Magazine, the Village Voice, the New York Daily News, indiewire and

In 1994 she received an Edward Albee Writing Fellowship.

In Autumn 2005 her photographs and videos were shown as part of an Artists Against the War exhibit in Rome, Italy.

Mother-in-law of Emily Ratajkowski.

Mother of film producer link=nm2205351].

Liza Béar is a New York-based filmmaker, writer, photographer, and media activist who makes both individual and collaborative works. Béar co-founded two early independent art magazines Avalanche and Bomb. Since 1968 she has lived and worked in New York City.

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Her full name at birth was Liza Béar. Liza Bear is best known as a director.

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Liza Béar
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