Karin Rodrigues

Karin Rodrigues

Brazilian, Actress
Karin Rodrigues

Karin Rodrigues

( São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil 3 February 1936 ) is a Brazilian actress.

She debuted

in film in 1962 with Copacabana Palace a co-production between Italy, France and Brazil. On TV her first character was the hydrangea of ​​the first version of The Goddess Beaten, on Excelsior TV.

In the theater

she made numerous plays and since the 1980s and was a constant presence in the performances of her husband Paulo Autran. With it he made Duck with Orange, Dr. Knock, The Elephant Man, King Lear, Betrayal, Happy Easter, Heaven Has to Wait and Dress the Father, among others. In 2009, she did Mother Is Karma , Elias Andreato's comedy.

On television

she made important telenovelas like Marked Angel, The Mad Queen, The Cat of Mink, The Big Lie, Super Plá, Our Daughter Gabriela, Camomila and Bem-Me-Quer, The Innocents, Wheel of Fire, Memories of Love and Flavor of Mel.

In the Brazilian cinema

she appeared in the films The Art of Loving ... Well , The Daughters of Fire and Woman Object.

She is the widow

of the actor Paulo Autran, with whom she was married for thirty-three years.

Karin Rodrigues

Actress -

Date of Birth

3 February 1936, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Birth Name

Karin Fehrmann

Mini Bio (1)

Karin Rodrigues was born on February 3, 1936 in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil as Karin Fehrmann. She is an actress, known for Em Compasso de Espera (1969), As Filhas do Fogo (1978) and Os carrascos Estão Entre Nós (1968). She was previously married to Paulo Autran.

Spouse (1)

Paulo Autran (1999 - 12 October 2007) (his death) were together since 1974, but they only got married legally in 1999.

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Full name at birth
Karin Fehrmann
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Date of birth
3 February 1936
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Sao Paulo City, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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