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  • “It is with great sadness that my brother John and I announce the passing of our Mother Nancy Dow,” “We ask that our family’s privacy be respected as we grieve our loss.”
  • I'm still very close to Courteney (Cox). Also to Lisa (Kudrow) and Matthew (Perry). I haven't seen David (Schwimmer) in a while but we will be bonded forever.
  • David is an excellent actor and he is an unbelievable ... uhh ... partner to have on camera. It was very hard to get through scene with him, he was very funny and he's ... you know ... he comes from the Looking Glass Theatre Company ... and he's just ... He was great.
  • (on the Ross and Rachel last kiss) : It was a great moment... great moment.
  • David Schwimmer is the most committed, talented person.
  • Schwimmer is just...perfect. We just feed off each other.
  • Well, "Friends" isn't really known for its love scenes, but kissing David Schwimmer isn't so bad.
  • Schwimmer? He knows everything ! (laughs) No, I wonder if he knows that he would make an amazing husband, and I think he will.
  • I love when Schwimmer and I have stuff together, it's always dreamy.
  • Yeah, that I was having an affair with David Schwimmer from the show. Someone was saying how they'd seen us kissing in a mall. I certainly didn't know about it and I don't think he did either - although we'd probably have enjoyed it, had it happened !! (laughs)
  • I hope they do. Only because I don't feel Ross and Rachel ended correctly. I think everybody knows that. It would be sad to see Ross and Rachel end because of some fleeting affair, because he was angry and she was angry. It was that love-hate-pride thing that separated them.
  • Let's see... I'd say when David Schwimmer, without my knowing, put cream cheese on a telephone that I had to pick up, and then I did the rest of the scene with cream cheese all over my face. Pretty boring stuff, huh?
  • Sadly, David and I will be never more than friends. He's my type but it's hard to get romantically involved with a person you've seen as a friend.
  • Well the scenes, I love scenes with Ross, just great 'cause they're always..
  • No way. Not a chance. You wouldn't want Monica and Chandler, Ross and Rachel, and Joey and... Tammy. It wouldn't be fun for us. We wouldn't want to do it.
  • Well it was scary, so scary -- and it's such a chaotic kind of energy that they do. I mean, they're changing stuff up until the last minute, they're looking at cue cards, it's live and, wow, it was frightening, but it was great. I mean it's fun, it's sort of - you know, something you've watched forever and always dreamed about doing and it's great, absolutely fun. And I've known David Spade for a while so it was sort of fun to do that bit with him. And David Schwimmer was so great, he carried the show just beautifully. And it made it feel a lot safer, knowing he was there and Lisa was there, all of those guys were there so it was fun.
  • It was very intense to see the audience react the way they did, all the screaming and cheering. At one point David and I were hugging, and our hearts were just pounding, and we were both saying, 'Can you believe this?' It was very wild. But we didn't actually nail that scene in front of the audience. It was almost as if we couldn't do it because all these people were watching. And when we shot it again after the show, it as able to really happen.
  • 'I adore Matthew Perry. I'm so happy he's alive,' she said, drawing laughter.
  • I have a very special spot in my heart for Ross and Rachel.
  • The Break-Up Brooke Meyers: It’s sock, you ***hole! Brooke Meyers: I think you’re just a little embarrassed that Richard kicked your ass.
  • Friends with Money Olivia: I’m a... maid. What? Mike: You’re... you’re really a maid? Olivia: Yeah. Mike: Can I... watch?
  • Derailed Lucinda Harris: You’re kinda funny, aren’t you? Lucinda Harris: Kiss me. Lucinda Harris: He threatened he’ll take my daughter. Lucinda Harris: Some people just don’t know how to appreciate what they’ve got.
  • Rumor Has It... Sarah: You’re not even the most screwed-up person in this room! Sarah: I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to. Sarah: Maybe every girl in my family have to sleep with you
  • Bruce Almighty Grace: You still have to go over there, the nurse is waiting. Bruce: Oh, do I have to? Grace: Oh, it’s not going to hurt. In fact I think you might find it quite pleasurable. Grace: It’s weird. I woke up this morning and I swear my boobs felt bigger. Do they look bigger to you? Grace: Debbie won the lottery. (...) But I guess so did 400,000 other people, so she only won, like, $17. Grace: You know that everything happens for a reason. Grace: Bruce, you promised that you would help me with this photo album. Now, you get your goofy butt over here! Grace: Oh, no, no, no. Honey, no, no. Oh gosh, please don’t put that in your mouth. We don’t eat that. Oh, that’s not food. Oh, go to the bathroom, please. Wash out your mouth. Wash off your hands. God, I swear that kid is gonna poop an ornament.
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