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Genevieve Hannelius

American actress and singer
Genevieve Hannelius

Genevieve Knight "G" Hannelius (born December 22, 1998 as Genevieve Knight Hannelius) AKA G. Hannelius is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She starred as Avery Jennings in the Disney Channel sitcom Dog with a Blog. Prior to this, she had recurring roles in the Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance and Good Luck Charlie. She has also starred in Leo Little's Big Show and has done voice work as Rosebud in the Air Buddies films. She also guest starred in Disney Channel's series Jessie.

G. Hannelius Date of Birth 22 December 1998, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name Genevieve Knight Hannelius

Height 5' 2" (1.57 m)

Mini Bio (1) Genevieve Hannelius is an actress, singer, and entrepreneur. She can be seen starring on The Disney Channel's hit original series, Dog with a Blog (2012). The show premiered in October 2012, and was watched by 4.5 million viewers. The show ran for three seasons on The Disney Channel and was nominated for an Emmy for all three seasons it aired.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Maine, Genevieve always had a love for entertaining, even at a very young age. She got her start in acting by participating in local theatre productions, landing the starring role as "Madeline", when she was eight-years-old in "Madeline's Rescue" and "Jenny" in "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing". Realizing their daughter's love for performing, Genevieve's mom and dad made the decision to come out to Los Angeles for pilot season in what may have been the worst time in history to try and break into the entertainment business; during the 2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Upon arrival, despite the current conditions of the industry, Genevieve started to book projects, immediately. Her first real job, was a commercial for the "Aquarium of the Pacific". Soon after the commercial launched, she booked a series regular role on the Bob Saget series, Surviving Suburbia (2009), for ABC, filming 13 episodes in 2009.

Although "Surviving Suburbia" only lasted one season, 2009 would prove to be a very busy year for Genevieve. After the series wrapped, she was discovered by a Disney Channel executive who caught Hannelius on the "Aquarium of the Pacific" commercial, and sought her out for several projects in production over at Disney. Throughout the rest of 2009 to 2012, she landed roles on Disney Channel hit series, including Sonny with a Chance (2009), Hannah Montana (2006), I'm in the Band (2009) and Good Luck Charlie (2010), in addition to her role in the Disney Channel original movie, Den Brother (2010) and Disney Channel's Leo Little's Big Show (2009). She also has lent her voice to several films over the last few years, working on Disney's Treasure Buddies (2012) and Spooky Buddies (2011) as the fun-loving golden retriever, "Rosebud", and The Search for Santa Paws (2010) and Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (2012), also Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

In 2015 Genevieve was cast in the critically acclaimed reboot of the landmark TV mini series "Roots."

Genevieve is also a tech entrepreneur. She started "Make Me Nails" in 2013, which sells customized nail wraps direct to consumers globally.

In her free time, Genevieve enjoys writing music, playing the piano, singing, poetry, fencing, horseback riding, ballet, juggling and acrobatics. She is also an active supporter of "A Window Between Worlds", a nonprofit organization dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence. She has been supporting the organization for six years.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Karla Knight

Trivia (4) G was Madeline in the production of "Madeline's Rescue" at the Children's Theater of Maine, summer 2006.

She has a passion for animals and takes wonderful care of her dog, Shumai, her cat, Sammy, and her hamster, Minnie.

Is close friends with actress Taylar Hender and they have done videos together.

Her last name is pronounced "ha-NEE-lee-us", not "ha-NEH-lee-us".

Personal Quotes (5) One of my favorite things about playing "Avery Jennings" on Dog with a Blog (2012) is that I get to play a real teenager who deals with everyday issues.

I'm really interested in vegan nail polishes, because a lot of nail polishes have a lot of toxins in them.

With the Internet and social media being a huge part of today's culture, I think it's super important to promote staying smart online.

My mom is just so good with fashion! She always tells me what looks good, what doesn't look good, and she gives me great advice.

Illegal downloading, digital cheating, and cutting and pasting other people's stuff may be easy, but that doesn't make those activities right.

Genevieve Elizabeth Hannelius (born December 22, 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an actress. She is credited as G. Hannelius. Hannelius played Courtney Patterson on the short-lived ABC sitcom Surviving Suburbia. She is currently Amy on the Disney Channel short series Leo Little`s Big Show. She has also made a guest appearances on Sonny with a Chance, a Disney Channel Original Series, as Dakota Condor, the spoiled and mean child of a producer, or as Zora calls her, "evil", and Hannah Montana as a fan named Tiffany, that Hannah Montana gives a lecture to about getting married too young. Hannelius was Madeline in the Childrens Theater of Maine`s production of Madelines Rescue, in summer 2006. G is scheduled to have a minor role in the new Disney Channel original series, Good Luck Charlie.

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Genevieve Hannelius was born on Tuesday, 22 December 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Her full name at birth was Genevieve Knight Hannelius. She is best known as an actress. Hannelius' country of citizenship (nationality) is American. Genevieve attended high school at Sierra Canyon High School. She is 5' 3½" (161 cm) tall and weighs 106 lbs (48 kg) with a slim build. She has dark brown eyes and light brown hair (color). Her net worth is reported to be $1,000,000 US dollars. Genevieve Hannelius is 25 years old and her zodiac star sign is Capricorn.

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Full name at birth
Genevieve Knight Hannelius
Claim to fame
her roles as Courtney Patterson in the ABC sitcom Surviving Suburbia, Dakota Condor in the Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance, Jo Keener in the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charile, and Avery Jennings in the Disney Channel sitcom Dog with a Blog
Date of birth
22 December 1998
Place of birth
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Actress, singer-songwriter, voice actress, entrepreneur
Occupation category


5' 3½" (161 cm)
106 lbs (48 kg)
Hair color
Eye color
Religion add_black religion
Zodiac sign
Distinctive feature
Wears headbands
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Pets add_black pets


Net worth
$1,000,000 USD
High school
Sierra Canyon High School
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University add_black university
Talent agency
  • Atlas Artists
  • Imprint PR
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  • Actress Taylar Hender and Genevieve are close friends.
  • Hannelius supports the charity “Window Between Worlds” which works to stop domestic violence.
  • Her last name is pronounced as “ha-NEE-lee-us”, not “ha-NEH-lee-us.”
  • Regarding style and fashion, her mom is her biggest inspiration.
  • She expresses her personal style as “classic but fun.”

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