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  • Christian Grey: (narration) The following are the terms of a binding contract between the dominant and the submissive. The fundamental purpose of this contract is to allow the submissive to explore her sensuality and her limits safely. The dominant and the submissive agree and acknowledge that all that occurs under the terms of this contract will be consensual, confidential, and subject to the agreement and safety procedures set out in this contract. The submissive will agree to any sexual activity seemed fit and pleasurable by the dominant, accepting those activities outlined in hard limits. The submissive agrees to procure oral contraceptives from the physician of the dominant's choosing. The submissive will not enter into sexual relations with anyone other than the dominant. The submissive will eat regularly to maintain her health and well-being from a prescribed list of foods. The submissive will not drink to excess, smoke, or take recreational drugs. The submissive shall always conduct herself in a respectful manner to the dominant and she'll only address him as sir, Mr. Grey, or such other title as the dominant may direct. The submissive may not touch the dominant without his expressed permission to do so. The safe word "yellow" will be used to bring to the attention of the dominant that the submissive is close to her limit. When the safe word "red" is spoken, the dominant's action will cease completely and immediately.
  • Christian Grey: I never took anyone on a helicopter. Never had sex on my own bed. Never slept next to anyone. Ever. Only you.
  • Anastasia Steele: Dad! Ray: I am so proud of you, Annie. Anastasia Steele: Thank you! Ray: And Kate, best valedictorian speech ever. Kate Kavanagh: Aw, thank you. Ray: It was awesome. Christian Grey: Ana. Hi. Anastasia Steele: Hi. Kate Kavanagh: Ray, have you met Christian Grey? Ana's boyfriend! Christian Grey: Great pleasure to meet you. Ray: Likewise. I really enjoyed your speech. Christian Grey: Thank you, sir. Ray: Sound like you've accomplished some pretty impressive things. Christian Grey: Thanks. Kate Kavanagh: I'll say! Well, I'm going to go find my family who is patiently waiting to embarrass me. (to Ray) Kate Kavanagh: Bye! Come see us in Seattle, okay? Ray: As soon as I get an invitation. (to Ana) Ray: So, how long have you two known each other? Anastasia Steele: Um... Christian Grey: A few weeks, now. We actually met when Anastasia interviewed me for the student newspaper.
  • Anastasia Steele: (answers phone) Hi, mama. Carla: Anastasia, what is going on? I've left you two messages this week. Anastasia Steele: I know, I'm sorry. I just got a little distracted. Carla: Sorry I missed your graduation, honey. I heard it was lovely. And your new beau? Ray told me all about him. He sounds like quite a young man! Of course I would have preferred to have heard about him from you. (pause) Carla: Ana? What's the matter? Anastasia Steele: Nothing, I'm fine. Carla: Is he not making you happy? Anastasia Steele: He is, yeah. Most of the time, yeah. It's complicated. Carla: Listen, honey, if you need a break you just come right on down here. Even if it's for a day or two. I have air miles and we can talk and have girl time. Promise me you'll think about it. Anastasia Steele: Yeah, I promise. I promise. I love you, mama. Carla: I love you too, darling.
  • Anastasia Steele: How does he seem today, Taylor? Jason Taylor: Preoccupied, I'm afraid. Anastasia Steele: Really? Jason Taylor: Yes ma'am.
  • Christian Grey: Please don't hate me. Anastasia Steele: (crying) You'll never do that to me again. I'm not what you want. Christian Grey: No, you're everything that I want. Anastasia Steele: I've fallen in love with you. Christian Grey: No. No, Ana, you can't love me. Anastasia Steele: I need you to leave. Please.
  • Christian Grey: To what do I owe my success? Anastasia Steele: (nervously) Yep. Christian Grey: Seriously? Anastasia Steele: Yes. Christian Grey: Business is about people and I've always been good at people. What motivates them. What inspires them. Anastasia Steele: Maybe you're just lucky. Christian Grey: I've always found that the harder I work the more luck I seem to have. The key to my success has been in identifying talented individuals and harnessing their efforts. Anastasia Steele: So you're a control freak? Christian Grey: Oh, I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele.
  • Christian Grey: What are you doing to me? Anastasia Steele: (tries to touch Christian's chest) What about here? Why not? Is it breaking the rules? Christian Grey: Speaking of which. Anastasia Steele: I haven't made up my mind yet. You're not staying? Christian Grey: I told you. I don't sleep with anyone. Anastasia Steele: Can we negotiate?
  • Anastasia Steele: (vomiting) Don't look at me! Christian Grey: Here. (hands Ana handkerchief) Anastasia Steele: Nice touch. I will launder this item.
  • Anastasia Steele: Why are you looking at me like that? Kate Kavanagh: Like what? Anastasia Steele: Okay. I'm going to make a sandwich. You want one? Kate Kavanagh: No thanks. You have to admit he's ridiculously hot. Anastasia Steele: I'm sure if you are attracted to that sort of human, then... Kate Kavanagh: The hot type of human?
  • Christian Grey: Good evening, Anastasia. Anastasia Steele: What, you're flying this? Christian Grey: No escaping now.
  • Anastasia Steele: How could I know what I'd be willing to try? Christian Grey: Well, when you've had sex was there anything you didn't like doing? We have to be honest with each other for this to work. Okay? Anastasia Steele: I wouldn't know. Christian Grey: What do you mean? Anastasia Steele: Because I haven't... I haven't. Christian Grey: You're still a virgin? I've just shown you! Anastasia Steele: I know. I just... Christian Grey: You've done other things, right? Anastasia Steele: No. Christian Grey: Where have you been? Anastasia Steele: Waiting. Christian Grey: Men must throw themselves at you. Anastasia Steele: Never one I've wanted.
  • Christian Grey: Miss Steele, your meeting. Anastasia Steele: Page 1: Strike out my old address and replace with the new one. Christian Grey: An oversight. Duly noted. Anastasia Steele: Page 3, Section 15;20: The submissive shall submit to any sexual activity demanded by the dominant and shall do so without hesitation or argument. (laughs) Anastasia Steele: Um, turn to page 5, Appendix 3. Soft limits? Christian Grey: With you. Anastasia Steele: Find anal fisting. Christian Grey: I'm all ears. Anastasia Steele: Strike it out. Strike out vaginal fisting, too. Christian Grey: Are you sure? Anastasia Steele: Yep. Same page, is the use of sex toys acceptable to the submissive? Vibrators, okay. Dildos, fine. Genital clamps, absolutely not. Christian Grey: Consider them gone. Anastasia Steele: What are butt plugs? (Christian's assistants briefly enter) Anastasia Steele: You must go through quite a few non-disclosure agreements. Christian Grey: My staff know only what I choose to tell them.
  • Christian Grey: What are your safe words? Anastasia Steele: Red and yellow. Christian Grey: Remember those.
  • Christian Grey: I never took anyone in the helicopter. Never had sex in my own bed. Never slept next to anyone. Ever! Only you.
  • Christian Grey: What happened to calling before dropping by? Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Oh, and have your henchmen give me the run around? No thank you. I'll take my chances. I was in the neighborhood and I thought, perhaps, we could have lunch. Christian Grey: I can't today. I have to drive Ana home. (Ana's phone rings) Christian Grey: It's okay. Take it. I was just showing mother out. Anastasia Steele: Excuse me. Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Anastasia. Anastasia Steele: Kate, hold on. Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: It was a joy to meet you. I'm having the whole family over for dinner next week at my house. Christian's sister Mia is back from Paris. You must come. Christian Grey: We'll see, mother. Anastasia Steele: Nice to meet you! Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: You too.
  • Christian Grey: So how'd it go with Dr. Greene? Anastasia Steele: It was fine, but she said that I have to abstain from all sexual activity for at least four weeks. You know, after I start the pill. Christian Grey: What? Anastasia Steele: Just kidding.
  • Christian Grey: (answers phone) Anastasia. Anastasia Steele: Yeah, this is me. I'm sending back your expensive books because I already have copies of those. Thanks though for the kind gesture. Christian Grey: You're welcome. Where are you? Anastasia Steele: Oh, I'm in line because I have to pee really bad. Christian Grey: Anastasia, have you been drinking? Anastasia Steele: (laughs) Yeah! I have, Mr. Fancy Pants. You hit... you hit the hail on the nead. I mean the head right on the nail. Christian Grey: Listen to me. I want you to go home right now. Anastasia Steele: You're so bossy! Ana, let's go for a coffee. No, stay away from me Ana! I don't want you! Get away. Come here, come here! Go away! Christian Grey: That's it. Tell me where you are. Anastasia Steele: A long way from Seattle! A long way from you. Christian Grey: Which bar? What's it called? Anastasia Steele: I don't know. I gotta go, though. Christian Grey: Which bar Ana? Anastasia Steele: (to girl in line) I told him. Right?
  • Christian Grey: Hold on tight. Is this more? Anastasia Steele: Oh my God. (laughing) Anastasia Steele: So much more!
  • Christian Grey: I'm not the man for you. You should stay clear of me. I have to let you go. Anastasia Steele: Goodbye, Mr Grey.
  • Christian Grey: I hope you got everything you needed. Anastasia Steele: I think you only answered four questions.
  • Christian Grey: You look beautiful. Anastasia Steele: Taylor has good taste. Christian Grey: What are you doing later? Anastasia Steele: I'm working at the hardware store until 7:00. Christian Grey: I'll have Taylor pick you up then. (Ana bites her lip) Christian Grey: I would like to bite that lip. Anastasia Steele: I think I'd like that, too. Christian Grey: I'm not going to touch you. Not until I have your written consent. Anastasia Steele: What? Christian Grey: I'll explain later. Come, I'll take you home.
  • Christian Grey: Everything okay with your phone call? Anastasia Steele: Yeah, nothing important. I liked your mom. Christian Grey: She's excited. She's never seen me with a woman before. It was a first. What is it, Ana? Anastasia Steele: Um, just... how many women have stayed in here? Christian Grey: 15. Anastasia Steele: That's a lot of women. Christian Grey: I told you before, if you want out. Anastasia Steele: I don't want out. I'm not exactly jumping at the opportunity to get whipped and tortured in your red room of pain. Christian Grey: That room is much more about pleasure. I promise you. Anastasia Steele: Would we still go out to dinner and movies? Christian Grey: That's not really my thing. Try to keep an open mind. If you agree to be my submissive I will be devoted to you. This is what I want and I want it with you. Anastasia Steele: Why do I have to sleep in here? We slept in the same bed last night, like normal people. Christian Grey: Try not to get hung up on the sleeping arrangements. If you agree to do this, you're going to want your own room. Anastasia Steele: Why? Cause I'll be your sex slave? Christian Grey: I don't want to do this here. Let's talk downstairs. Anastasia Steele: No! You know what, I think I'll hold onto my free will a little while longer, thank you. Actually, you know what? I would like to go home. Can I go home?
  • Christian Grey: The woman that gave birth to me was a crack addict and a prostitute. She died when I was four. I remember certain things. Terrible things. I don't remember her. Sometimes I think I see her in my dreams.
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