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  • Eminem has a younger half-brother named Nathan. Nathan Mathers lives part-time with Eminem in his Detroit mansion.
  • Despite what people think, Eminem did not spend his whole life in trouble with the law. Eminem's first arrest came when he was 20 years old and it was for shooting a paintgun at a police car. The charges were later dropped.
  • When Eminem was young, he was bullied so badly, that a fight actually put him in a coma.
  • He has three daughters named Hailie, Alaina, Whitney.
  • He has his own radio station, Shade 45.
  • He met famous rapper, LL Cool J, in a Foot Locker.
  • He announced when he was high in his time line that he plans to publish his own children's book entitled: Daddy, Why's Mama a Dirty Whore? The book will help fathers explain to their children why they have a terrible mother. He was inspired by Dr. Michael Salzhauer's book, My Beautiful Mommy, which he never wrote because he ended up in rehab before the day that he annouced that he would do it.
  • Eminem is a longtime fan of LL Cool J and his songs.
  • His music video for his song Superman wasn't allowed to be shown on television because of its nudity.
  • He has known his ex-wife, Kimberly, since high school.
  • He says his nickname, Slim Shady, came to him while he was in the bathroom high.
  • He dropped out of high school in his childhood.
  • The Tribal Sign tattoo on his wrist he got when he was drunk.
  • He can't stand it when people spell his daughter's name wrong.
  • He came out of his hiatus of 5 years to release Relapse which will come out in 2009.
  • Hailie gave him a ring that reads "DAD". He replaced his wedding ring with her ring, after Kim became his ex wife. He never takes it off.
  • He was the only guest artist appearing in Jay-Z's Album Blueprint
  • He has made racially derogatory references to African Americans; especially African American women.
  • He failed 9th grade a total of three times, because he didn't care much about school. All he wanted to do was rap.
  • When he was a teen, he worked as a short-order cook at a Michigan family restaurant called "Gilbert's Lodge"
  • He supported Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election.
  • He loves South Park, and even calls himself a "twenty-six-year-old skinny Cartman" in the song Marshall Mathers.
  • He and Kim first met at one of his friends' houses, when he was fifteen and Kim was thirteen. She came over while he was lip synching to LL Cool J songs and jumping on the furniture.
  • His real hair color is dark brown, he stated in White America that he bleaches his hair with peroxide; he did not bleach his hair in 8 Mile, and so his natural hair color can be seen in the movie.
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