Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy

Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez dated from June, 2003 to December, 2014.
Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy

Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy met in "Protagonistas de novela 2". This reality program brought them together. The show is something like "Big Brother". "Protagonistas de novela" is a talent show for gifted people who want to become actors.

Elizabeth and William were some of the new talents who entered the studio in June 2003. After several days William said in front of his roomates that he had a crush on Elizabeth. Eli liked him too. So their relationship began. But after a week, Elizabeth broke up with William because she felt him very distant and he flirted with some of the other girls. Anyway after the break-up, Erick Elias who was also chosen to take part in the show began to flirt with Elizabeth. They become very close, they were seen to sleep together in a same bed, to kiss and to hold hands. William was furious of this and he decided to win Eli back. He began to woo her again. The love triangle was obvious. Finally Elizabeth choose to stay with William. Erick was devostated but he and Elizabeth stayed close friends.

The main jury nominated Eli and she went out of the show. William stayed but the next week he followed his beloved. The main jury nominated him too and between Willie and Erick, the audience prefered the Mexican. Thanks to that Erick won the competition and become the new star of "Protagonistas de novela". William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez live in Los Angeles USA and in 2006, Eli gave birth to their first child Christopher Alexander.

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June 2003
End date
December 2014
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on the set of Telemundo's reality show, "Protagonistas de Novela 2," In 2003 and have been together ever since
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