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  • Dylan prefers dinner to breakfast.
  • Has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Was ranked 7th alongside his twin brother Cole on TV guide Top 10 Teen Star Countdown (2008)
  • Dylan had his first kiss in the 4th Grade.
  • One of Dylan & Cole's favorite things to eat is their grandmothers special pancakes.
  • Dylan & Cole recently 'united' with childhood buddies Dylan & Blake Tuomy Wilhoit (Nicky & Alex from Full House) at a Suite Life taping.
  • Currently Dylan's fav sport is Football.
  • Dylan Enjoyed Surfing, tee ball, karate, and bike riding (1999)
  • Dylan's baby teeth popped out mid take of filming "Big Daddy" this created a small problem because Cole still had his baby teeth in Luckily earlier on Cole had told his mom about having his own loose tooth and she had found a dentist in case their Dentist was able to fit Dylan with temporary teeth replacement till filming would be finished.
  • Dylan's Fav Character in Big Daddy is Julian.
  • Dylan admits, he's "Daddy's Boy".
  • Dylan said he'll give up acting one day so he could get his Ph.D in zoology.
  • Dylan would love to visit New Zealand one day.
  • Dylan used to have acrophobia but he’s gotten over it.
  • Dylan won the "Worst Bowler" trophy during the Disney Channel's New Years eve bash.
  • Favorite subject is lunch.
  • Dylan wants to be the 5th Jonas Brother.
  • Dylan likes a girl to have a nice mouth and stright teeth.
  • Dylan doesn't like bacon.
  • Dylan says he's a much better singer then Cole.
  • Dylan doesnt handle fast amusment rides as well as Cole, he says once he went on this ride where they stap you down and spin you over and over and he ran to the bathroom to throw up...
  • Dylan has mentioned before that he has ADD.
  • Dylan watches episodes of 'The Suite Life' alone, because Cole doesn't like watching himself on tv.
  • Although born in Italy, is not of Italian descent. Their American parents moved back to their native California four months after Dylan and Cole were born
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