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  • An atheist group tried to get A&E to remove the family prayer that closes out each episode. A&E executives went to Phil Robertson, and asked him about removing the prayer. Robertson told them that if they remove the family prayer, then they would no longer do the series. The online touchstone of rumor research has determined that the rumor about A and Es attempts to remove the Robertson's family dinner prayer at the end of each show is false. Phil Robertson's response to a question whether the rumor was true, via Missy Robertson on Twitter, was "Not to my knowledge." Phil Robertson's son, Alan Robertson, said, "The rumor that A and E told the Robertsons to tone down guns and prayer is not true."
  • The Robertsons started out by producing a series of hunting videos. They then got their own series on the Outdoor Channel called, "Benelli Presents Duck Commander." They made a highlight reel and sent it to other networks. A&E was interested and ordered two episodes. They liked what they saw and continued to order more.
  • Because of his increasing number of female fans, Si Robertson had to post a picture of himself with his wife, Christine, on facebook.
  • The cast of Duck Dynasty appeared in the music video for "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker.
  • In Willie's autobiography, he said that when they first started filming Uncle Si, he would clam up in front of the camera. They had to put a hidden camera under a shirt on one of the desks to film him. Once Si saw how funny he could be, he became more at home in front of the camera.
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