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30 Dec 1943 Paris, France


29 May, 1997 Kyoto, Japan

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Douchka is an actress, known for Un mois à la campagne (1966), Desert Crusader (1968) and Jacquou le croquant (1969).


stage name of Chantal Arbatchewsky,is a French actress born December 30, 1943. 1 and died on May 29, 1997 in Japan.


Born on December 30, 1943 to a Russian officer father who took refuge in France after the October Revolution, Dushka was a student of the theater classes of Berton and Tania Balachova in the early 1960s. The latter, of Russian origin, is then very close to the method of psychological realism of Constantin Stanislavski. His "theatre-school" offered at the time a training identical to the work done by Lee Strasberg in New York within the Actors Studio and also taking up the method of Stanislavski. The young actress is somewhat left to herself since a very young age. Douchka lives in the Invalides district and attends the Darius-Milhaud municipal conservatory in the 14th arrondissement of Paris to learn the guitar. Questioned by the press at that time, she declared that she "faire of the theater a little despite the reluctance of my parents and the obligation to work part-time as a courier". She is also described as a fierce love of the theatre and being impressed by La Grotte,a new play by Jean Anouilh. At the age of 18, she met Lucien Léger at the municipal conservatory, who was nicknamed by the press "The Strangler" from 1964. Living in the same neighborhood and sharing a love for the arts, they become friends. Produced by the Théâtre de l'Atelier,of which she is a member, her first three plays(Un mois à la campagne, L'Enterrement - Scène de la vie parisienne and Antigone)toured the Netherlands.


makes his first television appearances in historical fiction. She played Jeanette Mion in Jacquou le Croquant by Stellio Lorenzi. The same director directed his friend Cécile Vassort five years earlier. They also have in common that they worked with Michel Subiela9. Alongside Pierre Arditi,Douchka plays Yasmina in Thibaud or the Crusades ofHenri Colpi. Able to speak five languages, she then interpreted in English in London and Japan The Widows of François Billetdoux. She plays the role of Madame Bainot in Graine d'nettle by Yves Allégret10. Like Françoise Lebrun and Jean Douchet,she appeared in Jean Eustache'stwo landmark works, La Maman et la Putain in 1973 and Une sale histoire in 1977. The latter is, according to the critic Jean Roy, the manifesto film of Jean Eustache and the first won the Grand Prix at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival14,15,16 and the International Critics' Prize17. On August 24, 1974,Douchka played the title role inAgathe ou L'avenir rêvé by Yves-André Hubert and Michel Subiela on the first channel of the ORTF18. She declared the same day in the columns of Télé 7 jours:

Still for television

, she appeared in 1978 in the series Désiré Lafarge and more precisely in the episode Le printemps de Désiré Lafarge directed by Jacques Krier. In 1979, the second version of the documentary La Rosière de Pessac by Jean Eustache began with "Pour Douchka Arbatchewsky".

Passionate about Zen

and Japanese culture in general, Dushka later moved to the vicinity of Kyoto. On May 29,1997, she died in Kyoto, Japan.

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Full name at birth
Chantal Maud Arbatchevsky
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30 December 1943
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Paris, France
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29 May 1997
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Kyoto, Japan
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  • Paris, France
  • Kyoto, Japan
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