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  • Robin Williams was considered for the role of Barry Speck.
  • This is actually a remake of a Hindi classic comedy movie: Bheja Fry .
  • When this project was in early development, Sacha Baron Cohen was set to play the lead.
  • The lead roles were originally intended for Steve Martin and Bill Murray.
  • The movie uses two The Beatles elements. One is the song "Fool on the Hill", used in the opening and closing song number. The other is a lyric "I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" from John Lennon's song "Imagine".
  • Jeff Dunham, who plays Lewis the Ventriloquist and his "wife" Debbie, is a popular comedian known for his ventriloquism. Debbie, renamed Diane, went on to appear as part of his act in Dunham's Identity Crisis Tour in 2010.
  • In one of the mice dioramas, a bottle of Dom Perignon is called "Veber". Francis Veber wrote and directed The Dinner Game (1998), the film which inspired this remake.
  • Shipped to theaters under the code name "Emphasis".
  • While in Kieran's house, Barry notices a picture of Kieran standing next to Nelson Mandela, and confuses Mandela with Morgan Freeman. Freeman portrayed Nelson Mandela a year before in Invictus (2009).
  • The exterior shot of the house were the dinner is held is the same as "stately Wayne Manor" from the original Batman television series.
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