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Denise McKenna

Denise McKenna

Denise McKenna

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Director: 1983-1993. Choreographer: 1980-1993. Dancer/Actress: 1977-1987.

Film at: American Film Institute; Masters Degree in Directing.(1990) Produced/Directed/Wrote award-winning film: "The Blue Men", starring Estelle Parsons.

Acting with: Martin Landau, Lee Strasberg, Milton Katselas, Nina Foch and Stella Adler.

Dance with: Dupree Dance Academy (scholarship dancer), The Pasadena Dance Theater, San Gabriel Valley Civic Ballet. Toured professionally with Los Angeles Jazz Ballet Company. (1978)

Undergraduate: Stanford Univ; BA in Art Design; Creative Writing.(1977)

- IMDb Mini Biography By: DGMD

Trivia (2) 1. Graduated from Loara High School in Anaheim, California with the Class of 1973. 2. Denise was a Stanford Dollie, and graduated With Distinction with a degree in Design & Graphics.

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Denise McKenna
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