David Foster and Katharine McPhee

David Foster and Katharine McPhee

David Foster and Katharine McPhee have been married for 1 year. They were dating for 1 year after getting together in May 2017. After 11 months of engagement they married on 28th Jun 2019.
David Foster and Katharine McPhee

June 28, 2019 - Present

She became engaged to record producer David Foster in June 2018. They married a year later on June 28, 2019 at the St. Yeghiche Armenian Apostolic Church in Kensington, London. McPhee's wedding gown was designed by Zac Posen.

He is a grandfather-of-seven who is past retirement age. But that did not stop David Foster, 67, from getting 'very intimate' with singer Katharine McPhee, 33, during a meal in a posh restaurant in Malibu at the weekend. The pair have been on friendly terms for years; the former American Idol contestant spent time with the Canadian record producer, who is worth an estimated $60 million, at a charity event press conference away back in 2006. The dynamic duo met at the exclusive Nobu eatery for a meal on Friday night, and sat at a sea-front table that was hidden away in a corner for privacy, according to E. An insider said: 'David and Katharine were very intimate during their dinner. David was seen grabbing Katharine's face and kissing her cheek several times.

'Katharine was doing the same to David's face and they were acting as if they were a couple. 'By the end of the date, Katharine sat on David's side of the table and cuddled the him with a blanket.'

And it seems they were eager to spend some quality time together in private, as after drinking two bottles of red wine and scoffing sushi they sped off in a waiting car less than two hours later. The singer and actress was married to Nick Cokas in 2008, but she filed for divorce in 2014, seven months after she was pictured passionately kissing her married Smash director Michael Morris. However Morris never left his wife, and she went on to date her Scorpion costar Elyes Gabel. Father-of-five David has been married four times, most recently to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills personality Yolanda Hadid, and was recently linked to supermodel Christie Brinkley. He also appeared in the reality television show The Princes Of Malibu with his then-wife Linda Thompson and her sons with Caitlyn Jenner, Brody and Brandon.

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Start date
May 2017
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Where/How First Met
During a 2006 episode of American Idol
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Foster proposed to McPhee, 34, while they were vacationing in Europe
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