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Blac Chyna

Angela Renée White (born May 11, 1988), professionally known as Blac Chyna, is an American model and entrepreneur. Chyna was born on May 11, 1988, in Washington, D.C. Her mother's name is Shalana Hunter, also known as Miss Toni. As a teenager, she attended Henry E. Lackey High School, a high school in Charles County, Maryland. At the age of 18, Chyna began dancing under the pseudonym "Dora Renee". In 2008, Chyna relocated to Miami to attend Johnson and Wales University. While attending school, Chyna began dancing at the Old Diamonds under the name "Cream". Shortly after, she started dancing at Miami's King Of Diamonds.

Along with Dancing, in 2010, Chyna began urban modeling. In September 2010, Chyna posed for the cover of Dimepiece magazine. That Same Month, Chyna posed in Straight Stuntin’ Magazine and Black Men's magazine. In 2010, rapper Drake name dropped Blac Chyna in his hit single "Miss Me", prompting more buzz for Chyna. In November 2010, Chyna was recruited to play the role of rapper Nicki Minaj's stunt double in the music video for Kanye West's "Monster" featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj. In August 2011, Chyna won Model of the Year at the Urban Model Awards. In November 2011, Blac Chyna was cast as the main female role for Rapper Tyga's single "Rack City".

In February 2012, Chyna posed for the July edition cover of Black Men's magazine. That same month, Chyna posed in XXL Magazine as Eye Candy of the Month. In March 2012, Chyna posed for the Cover of Urban Ink Magazine. In April 2012, Chyna posed for the Cover of Smooth Girl Magazine. Blac Chyna played a small role in the skater movie DGK which premiered on December 12, 2012. In August, Blac Chyna was name dropped again, this time by rapper Nicki Minaj in 2 Chainz's "I love dem Strippers".

In February 2013, Chyna enrolled in JLS Professional Make Up Artist School, graduating in May 2013. In December 2013, Blac Chyna launched her online Boutique entitled "88fin", filled with new clothing and products from her clothing line of the same name.That Same Month, Chyna Launched her own Brand of Eye Lashes called "LASHED by Blac Chyna".

In February 2014, Chyna purchased a beauty bar in Encino, Los Angeles, offering Makeup courses. On September 29, 2014, Blac Chyna officially opened her Lashed Bar in California. The Lashed Bar offers eyelashes, eyelash extensions, lash strips, make up, facials, threading, eyebrow tinting, body waxes, eyelash tinting, spray tans, body wraps, and facial threading.

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Blac Chyna was born on 11 May 1988 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. Her full name at birth was Angela Renée White. She is best known as a professional reality tv competitor. She attended high school at Henry E. Lackey High School, Charles County, Maryland. For university, she studied at Johnson and Wales, Miami, FL (2008 -2010). Her religion is listed as Christian. She is 5' 2" (157 cm) tall and weighs 134 lbs (61 kg) with a voluptuous build. She has dark brown eyes and black hair (color). Her net worth is reported to be $10,000,000 US dollars. Her zodiac star sign is Taurus.
Full name at birth
Angela Renée White
Claim to fame
Drake's Muse, Video Vixen, KOD, Stripper, Stunt Double of Nicki Minaj
Date of birth
11 May 1988
Place of birth
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Former Stripper, Model, Entrepreneur, Television Personality, Rapper, Singer, Actress, Executive Producer
Occupation category


5' 2" (157 cm)
134 lbs (61 kg)
Hair color
Eye color
Zodiac sign
Distinctive feature
  • Curves
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Wigs
  • Boobs
  • Big Booty
  • Cheek Piercings
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Dress size
Shoe size
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Net worth
$10,000,000 USD
High school
Henry E. Lackey High School, Charles County, Maryland
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Johnson and Wales, Miami, FL (2008 -2010)
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Talent agency
SKAM Artist (Los Angeles)
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Nails on Leannnnnnnnn lol
  • Blac Chyna's Grandfather is Famous Rockstar TC Tolliver From the Rock Band Plasmatics.
  • Blac Chyna Listed Angela Lola Luv, Beyonce, and Melyssa Ford as women who inspire her back in 2007
  • Seven months after graduating, Blac Chyna launched an online boutique called "88fin."
  • Blac Chyna went to JLS Professional Make Up Artist school, graduating in May of 2013.
  • While in school, Blac Chyna danced at Old Diamonds for a short while under the alias "Cream.

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