Bebe Buell

Bebe Buell

American model and singer
Bebe Buell

Beverle Lorence "Bebe" Buell (born July 14, 1953) is an American singer and model. She was Playboy magazine's November 1974 Playmate of the Month. Buell moved to New York in 1972 after signing a modeling contract with Eileen Ford, and garnered notoriety after her publicized relationship with musician Todd Rundgren from 1972 until 1978, as well as her liaisons with several rock musicians during that time and over the following four decades. She is the mother of actress Liv Tyler (born 1977), whose biological father is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Todd Rundgren is Liv's legally adoptive father.

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Bebe Buell was born on Tuesday, 14 July 1953 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Her full name at birth was Beverle Lorence Buell. She is best known as a singer. Buell's country of citizenship (nationality) is American. Bebe attended high school at Villa Maria Academy, Lynchburg, VA (1965 - 1967). She is considered to be politically left leaning. Her religion is listed as Secular Humanist. She is 5' 9" (175 cm) tall and weighs 120 lbs (54 kg) with an average build. She has blue eyes and light brown hair (color). Bebe Buell is 70 years old and her zodiac star sign is Cancer.

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Full name at birth
Beverle Lorence Buell
Claim to fame
Liv Tyler's mother, Groupie of 1970`s, Playboy's Playmate of the Month November 1974
Date of birth
14 July 1953
Place of birth
Portsmouth, Virginia
Musician, Model, Playmate, Author, Writer, Manager
Occupation category


5' 9" (175 cm)
120 lbs (54 kg)
Hair color
Eye color
Zodiac sign
Distinctive feature add_black distinctive feature
A tattoo on her ankle
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Chiquita (Dog)
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Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
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High school
  • Villa Maria Academy, Lynchburg, VA (1965 - 1967)
  • Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, USA (1968 - 1972)
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University add_black university
Talent agency
  • Ford Modeling Agency (USA and international)
  • Models 1 (UK)
  • Stewart Models
  • Wilhelmina Agency (USA and international)
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Political affiliation
Political party add_black political party
Partner: Jim Wallerstein (Married)
Jan 1999-
Bebe Buell and Jim Wallerstein
The problem was that everything was too easy – modeling, traveling, partying – and I forgot my original desires and beliefs. I started to fall into the pattern of going the route that was the most fun. And when I was young, I thought it would last forever. I thought that I would always be twenty-one and a size six and the flavor of the month. Certainly I wasn’t as focused or driven at twenty-one as my daughter was. I was still trying to figure out stuff, like a clumsy colt stumbling around in my platforms. I would go from wanting to be a rock star one day to wanting to be Lauren Hutton on every Vogue cover the next. Or I’d want to be the perfect rock and roll wife one minute, then wish I were a mother. And – God help me – at one point, I wanted to be a music mogul. I had all kinds of desires and there were all kinds of obstacles to fulfilling them. I wanted to be a sexual, free-spirited Brigitte Bardot/Jane Birkin type, but inside I was a frightened little girl with sexual hang-ups that thwarted that ambition.
  • In 1974, John Lennon sang her "Happy Birthday".
  • The Raven has been her absolute favorite piece of writing since she was 10.
  • As a child she hung any pics she could find of Edgar Allen Poe in her scrapbook.
  • Her fav colours are leopard and glitter.
  • Bebe's mother, Dorothea Johnson, was a top model in the '50s.
  • Beverle Lorence “Bebe” Buell was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, the daughter of Dorothea Jean Johnson (née Brown) and Harold Lloyd Buell. As her father was not at home at the time of Bebe's birth, her mother waited until he got back before naming her daughter. As she was born on French National Day (Bastille Day), the nurses in the hospital took to calling her "Bebe Buell" (Baby Buell, in French). edit
  • Before Bebe was 5, her parents divorced. edit
  • When Bebe was 10, her mother Dorothea married a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, Major Leslie Edwin “Les” Johnson. Bebe grew up on various military bases in Virginia, North Carolina and Rhode Island. edit
  • 1965 - 1967
    Age: -
    Between 11 and 13 (grades 6-8) she attended the Catholic Villa Maria Academy, Lynchburg, VA edit
  • When Bebe was 14 years old, Jimi Hendrix asked to hang out with her. Not recognising him and mistaking him for a pimp, Bebe wasn’t interested. She was mortified when she realised who she’d told to get lost. edit
  • 1968 - 1972
    Age: -
    Bebe studied and graduated from high school in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. edit
  • Buell was discovered by modeling agency executive Eileen Ford after high school graduation at age 17, and relocated to New York City at age 18. Bebe moved into St. Mary’s Women’s Residence and began her career as a Ford model. edit
  • Bebe started enjoying New York’s nightlife going at music clubs like Max’s Kansas City and CBGBs. She just had been living in New York for only about three or four months when she met and fell in love with rocker and music producer Todd Rundgren. She then stared to miss curfew at St. Mary’s, as she was staying at his apartment on E. 13th St. more and more. Eventually she was asked to leave the residence and she soon was living with Todd. edit
  • As Todd was getting to produce bigger bands, he asked Bebe to find a better place to live. Bebe and her lifetime friend, journalist Liz Derringer (née Agriss), and soon they moved into a large tree-story townhouse on Horatio Street. edit
  • Todd introduced Bebe to famous rock photographer Lynn Goldsmith, who in 1973 persuaded Bebe to take some rather sexy photos for her. Bebe remembers the photo shoot: “We had some wine, and Lynn invited me to pose for some photos up on the roof of Todd’s and my house. She submitted those photos to Playboy and I received a response immediately!” Bebe and Lynn wanted to shoot together for the magazine as it would be a woman-woman job, but the magazine had their own staff to work with. edit
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