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  • Calvin: Yo man, we closed come back tomorrow. Jalen: Man,that's too bad I was really hoping you could fit me in. Calvin: I think I got room for one more, have a seat. Glad you came man Jalen: Just wanted to do something about this so-called "Abomination" you say. Calvin: I'll hook you up man don't worry about nothing, I'll edge you up real quick. Jalen: Uhh... I was thinking start off fresh. Calvin: You sure? Jalen: Positive. Calvin: All right, start you off fresh. Jalen: You know I didn't mean what I said earlier, you've always be there for me for everything and I appreciate it, love you dad. Calvin: Love you too. Always gonna be my guy, I swear. All right let's see how we can hook you up here, yeah, ok. Now listen I hear about anything I'm snatching you right up out of there you hear me. Jalen: Yeah I hear you Calvin: I'm not playing, be up there quick fast in a hurry, I escort you to the bathroom and everything if i have too. Jalen: Crazy dad.but I'm fine with that.I'm just happy to stay here happy to be home. Calvin: I'm happy you back. Jalen: Let's see me hooping this year, right. Calvin: You got to penetrate more too manyjumpers. Jalen: But they go in through. Calvin: (Chuckles) Not all the time they don't go in Jalen: Ohh man... Calvin: You don't wanna rock your dread's like that man, now if you end up on the Bull's, your daddy got to go everywhere with you I'm gonna be the team barber. Jalen: Damn man. Slow down. Calvin: Alright. H93, you ain't comb your hair in six month's it's a little nappy down there. All kind of cucabuds back there, Beebees you gonna be all right. Yeah that's it. Jalen: Oh, looks fresh. I'm getting all the shorties at school now. Calvin: Now you look like my son again, now you can sweep up the hair.
  • Draya: This hair and this booty? It's like walking around with a black Amex... and I never get denied.
  • Calvin: (voice over) In every neighborhood there's a place folks gets together to talk about their dreams, to share their frustrations, and maybe even tell a joke or two. It's a home away from home, and these aren't just friends, they're family.
  • Calvin: (voice over) This is the town I love, a neighborhood of family and friends. And right here at the heart of it all is where everyone comes together: the barbershop.
  • Calvin: Welcome to Calvin's. If you like it, you pay. If you don't like it, your ass pay anyway.
  • Calvin: (to Jay) Jay look at me come back in an hour, come back in an hour I'll take care of your Bill.
  • Jalen: (getting his haircut) I'm real proud of you dad.
  • J.D.: Every delicious piece of beef, helps keep a bullet off the street!
  • Angie: Now I'm not one to engage in petty arguments. Dante: That's pretty much all you do...
  • Eddie: (about J.D's Gangsta Grub logo) Who the hell is this? Mike Tyson?
  • J.D.: (after Eddie makes fun of her) Draya don't worry 'bout that, I got some "Don't Be So Mean Greens" in there for you too. Draya: (walking away) Thank you, boo-boo.
  • Calvin: (after receiving tragic news) These kids like killing each other! They like that shit! Man, this is the fuckin' Southside. This "cease fire" shit is over!
  • Rashad: I know I ain't trippin'
  • Terri: (while taking her wedding picture with Calvin) Thanks for introducing me to Rashad.
  • Dante: What them white girls want? They lost? Did you go "awesome", they like when you go "awesooome!"
  • J.D.: Hey hungry black folks! Who wants some non-profit, Gangsta Grub?
  • Bree: Look at Prince. Dude be rockin' stilettos and can still get it.
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