Asia Irving

Asia Irving

American, Fashion Designer
Asia Irving

Asia Susie Irving

(born January 12, 1991) is an American fashion designer, socialite,businesswoman, and model. She is the older sister of current NBA player Kyrie Irving.

Early Life and Education

Irving is the daughter of Drederick and Elizabeth Irving, and the step-daughter of Shetellia Irving. Her father, Drederick, played professionally in Australia for the Bulleen Boomers Irving lived in the Melbourne suburb of Kew before relocating to the United States when she was three years old. Irving's mother, Elizabeth, died from an illness when she was five, so Drederick raised her with the help of Irving's aunts. Irving's younger brother, Kyrie, is the starting point guard for the Boston Celtics. Through her father's second marriage, she has a younger half-sister, London.

Irving was born in Seattle, Washington

and raised in West Orange, New Jersey. She graduated from Temple University in 2013 with her B.B.A. in accounting. She later earned her associate of arts degree in fashion merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Irving began her career as model and swiftly became one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. Although she works with high-profile clients and has developed her own recognizable style, she does not have any formal fashion training. Since her brother is an NBA All-Star, it gave her the opportunity to meet and work with some high-profile clients. She has also worked as a freelance men's wardrobe stylist, and has helped design outfits for many prominent NBA and WNBA talent. Irving and Sydney Smith opened a clothing boutique called Elizabeth Smith in the Northeast Ohio; the boutiques carry the concept, 'young contemporary with a distinct edge.' In June 2017, Irving starred in an episode of the Houzz series My Houzz, in which she surprised her father with a major home renovation.

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Full name at birth
Asia Susie Irving
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Date of birth
12 January 1991
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Seattle, Washington USA
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  • Temple University
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
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