Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich

Russian, Actress
Anna Semenovich

Anna Semeonvich Actress / Glamour model / Singer / Presenter / Ice Dancer (former)

Birthname: Anna Grigorievna Semenovich

Born: March 1, 1980

Birthplace: Moscow, Russian Federation

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Sexuality: Straight

Hair color / Eyes: Blonde / Brown

Height / Weight: 5'7" (or 170 cm), 123 lbs (or 56 kg)

Body type: Slim

Body Measurements: 38"-24"-36"

Breast / Bra Cup Size: 38F (85F)

Boobs: Real/Natural

Years active: 1994 - present (started around 14 years old; 30 years in the business)

Tattoos: Various

Body Piercings: None



Anna Grigorievna Semenovich (Russian: А́нна Григо́рьевна Семено́вич, born 1 March 1980) is a Russian singer, actress, model, and former competitive ice dancer.

Semenovich began ice skating at the age of three. After finishing secondary school, she studied at the Moscow State Academy of Physical Education from which she graduated with an International Master in figure skating and ice dancing. She had a quite successful career as a figure skater. Early in her career, she skated with Maxim Kachanov. They competed at the 1994 Goodwill Games and placed 5th. She teamed up with Vladimir Fedorov in 1995. They won the Finlandia Trophy twice and competed on the Grand Prix of Figure Skating. The highlight of their partnership was competing at the 1998 World Figure Skating Championships, where they placed 15th. Their partnership ended in 1999 and Semenovich teamed up with Roman Kostomarov for one season. With Kostomarov, she is the 2000 Russian bronze medalist and competed at both the 2000 European Figure Skating Championships and the 2000 World Figure Skating Championships. Following the end of that partnership, she briefly paired with Denis Samokhin, placing 4th at the 2001 Russian Championships, but was eventually forced to retire due to injury. Following her retirement from skating, she began working as actress, model and singer.

In 2001 Anna became a sports moderator and worked for different channels, later also including the music program on ÒÂÑ (TVS) and the shows "Óòðî" (Morning) and "Íî÷ü" (Night) on ÑÒÑ (STS). In 2006, Semenovich started playing the role of Liza in "Ïàïà íà âñå ðóêè" (Daddy of all trades), a Russian adaption of the successful American sitcom Home improvement by Buena Vista. In 2007, Semenovich started starring in "Âñÿ òàêàÿ âíåçàïíàÿ" (All of a sudden), another Russian adaption of an American sitcom (Suddenly Susan by Warner Bros.). She plays the character of Alexandra Strelkina, an attractive journalist who writes a column about the life of an unmarried lonely girl for the fictional glossy magazine "Chic and Glitter".

In 2001, parallel to her career as a sports channel moderator, Anna`s boyfriend at that time, Daniel Mishin, convinced her to take up singing. They created a group called "Charlie`s Angels" which was produced by Daniel. Although the group had a few successful performances at places in Moscow, recorded an album and released a video, the project had to be cancelled due to lack of financial resources. Anna then became anchorwoman at ÑÒÑ (STS). In 2003, STS was producing a pilot and invited the girls of Blestyashchie. As a member of the group, Irina Luk`yanova had just left because she got pregnant, the producer suggested Anna to come to a casting, which she did. Two weeks later, she received a call and was told to immediately come to the studio in order to join the recording sessions, because two days later the group was to go on tour. Anna recorded two albums with Blestyashchie: "Oriental fairy tales", 2005 and "Orange paradise", 2003. In the beginning of 2007, Anna left Blestyashchie due to health issues, but started to work on her own solo career. In May 2008, Swedish pop star Arash released a single with her, featured on the compilation "Ñîþç" (Union), vol. 42: Arash feat. Anna Semenovich: "At the sea", 2008.

Anna competed in Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Anna`s career as a film actress started in 2004 with an uncredited cameo appearance in the Russian blockbuster "Night Watch": She was a singer of the girl group of Alisa Donnikova, played by Zhanna Friske. The girl group was actually Blestyashchie, but was not credited either. While Zhanna Friske also performed in the sequel "Day Watch", 2006, Anna Semenovich did not appear in this motion picture anymore. Next movie, the "Ãèòëåð êàïóò!" (Hitler`s kaput!) from 2008 is a spy comedy and the first film to feature Anna Semenovich in a lead role.

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Anna Semenovich was born on Saturday, 1 March 1980 in Moscow, Russian Federation. Her full name at birth was Anna Grigorievna Semenovich. She is best known as an actress. Semenovich's country of citizenship (nationality) is Russian. For university, she studied at Moscow State Academy of Physical Education. Her religion is listed as Russian Orthodox. She is 5' 10" (178 cm) tall and weighs 123 lbs (56 kg) with an athletic build. She has dark brown eyes and blonde hair (color). Anna Semenovich is 44 years old and her zodiac star sign is Pisces.

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Full name at birth
Anna Grigorievna Semenovich
Claim to fame
Bronze Medalist of Russian Figure Skating Championship, 2000
Date of birth
1 March 1980
Place of birth
Moscow, Russian Federation
Actress, Model, Singer
Occupation category


5' 10" (178 cm)
123 lbs (56 kg)
Hair color
Eye color
Zodiac sign
Distinctive feature
Large Breasts
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Shoe size
Pets add_black pets


High school add_black high school
Moscow State Academy of Physical Education
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Talent agency add_black talent agency
Political affiliation add_black political affiliation
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Anna Semenovich is known for her role in the film Gitler kaput! (2008) as Radistka Zina.

She is also known for her role in the TV special Premiya Muz-TV 2012 (2012) as Self - Surprise Guest Performer.

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