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  • Kenneth said in an episode that when he first started at NBC, an 8 year old Shirley Temple taught him how to roll a cigarette. Shirley Temple was born in 1928 which means Kenneth started at NBC in 1936.
  • The show's 22 Emmy nominations in 2009 were the most a comedy show ever received in a single year.
  • The show often pokes fun at themes and characters that the show leaves hanging. For example, in one episode, Kenneth tells Liz that no more mail could fit into her box because it was stuffed with unopened adoption letters, hinting at Liz's disappeared interest to adopt a child. Another instance is the character of Danny Baker. In one episode, Pete tells Danny that he would've asked Danny to do a favor for him, but he forgot he works at TGS, poking fun at the fact that Danny often goes missing for several episodes at a time. Again, in the 100th episode, Danny states that he remembers season 1 of TGS, even though he hadn't worked there yet, but then later in the episode has Josh's flashbacks, meaning that Danny and Josh share the same fate in which they both appear in several episodes and then are never heard from again.
  • Tina Fey originally pitched a series about a cable news producer who is forced to produce a show hosted by a right-wing pundit. Rachel Dratch and Alec Baldwin, respectively, would have played the roles, but NBC suggested a show based on her Saturday Night Live (1975) experiences instead.
  • In the early episodes, it is revealed that Liz Lemon is a one-time Emmy-winner, just like Tina Fey was at the time the show started.
  • All the 'alcohol' that Jack is seen drinking is actually ice tea.
  • The same year that "30 Rock" started airing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006), another show set behind the scenes of a fictional Saturday Night Live (1975)-type show, also premiered. Even though there were many differences between them (including "30 Rock" being a half-hour sitcom while "Studio 60" was an hour-long drama), many critics compared the two shows and engaged in speculation about which one would survive. "Studio 60" was canceled after one season, and creator Aaron Sorkin and former regular Nate Corddry both went on to guest-star on "30 Rock."
  • Season 2 was shorter than Season 1 (15 episodes as opposed to S1's 21) because of the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike.
  • One of the reasons Jane Krakowski was drawn to the series was because it gave her the chance to sing and dance. Sitcoms today don't usually allow for that - this was the first since Ally McBeal (1997).
  • Alec Baldwin has said that this show is the best job he's ever had.
  • In her 2011 book "Bossypants," Tina Fey said that during the early years of 30 Rock, Donald Glover was its only black writer. She also said that he was so young that when he started on the writing staff, he was still living in an NYU dorm and working there as a Resident Adviser. Since he came from a large family in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Fey said that Glover was especially good at writing for the character of Kenneth, who was also supposed to be from Stone Mountain. Glover later became a star as an actor on the TV show Community (2009).
  • Tracy Morgan ("Tracy Jordan") and recurring player Rachel Dratch followed creator/star Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live (1975) to create this show. In addition, star Alec Baldwin co-holds the record for the most times to host "SNL" (as of September 2010, Baldwin and Steve Martin are tied for most hostings at 15 episodes each).
  • Influenced by creator Tina Fey's experience while being head-writer for Saturday Night Live (1975).
  • Jenna's name is a play on Janel Moloney (who later guest-starred in the series).
  • The show's name is similar to "3rd Rock," the commonly used short title for 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996). At the 64th Golden Globe Awards, Tim Allen mispronounced the show's name as "3rd Rock" when mentioning that Alec Baldwin had been nominated for the Best Actor in a Television Comedy or Musical Award. Both shows featured guest appearances by Elaine Stritch as the mother of one of the main characters.
  • The show was finally syndicated in 2009, something Tina Fey had always complained about.
  • Only Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin appear in every episode.
  • Tina Fey didn't want Liz Lemon to be a single mother because it would have restricted her character. This allowed Liz more freedom, and gave Fey more avenues to explore.
  • Characters Liz and Jenna began "The Girlie Show" at The Second City in Chicago. In 1992 Tina Fey took classes there and in 1994 was invited to join the cast. Her writing partner was Rachel Dratch and their time together inspired the relationship between Liz and Jenna.
  • Alec Baldwin won the SAG Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series every year since the show's inception until 2013, a feat held by no other actor in either drama or comedy. In addition he won another one in 2009 as part of the cast. He was also nominated for the last time in 2014, but failed to win that time, probably because the show ended in January 2013.
  • Lee, the costume designer for "TGS", is played by Tom Broecker, who in real life is the costume designer for "30 Rock."
  • Tina Fey and Scott Adsit both did voice work for the pinball game Medieval Madness.
  • Jason Sudeikis and James Marsden share the same birthday (September 18) and both played love interests of Liz Lemon.
  • The awning in front of Liz Lemon's apartment has displayed two different addresses over the course of the show. In some episodes the address is 160 Riverside Drive and in other shows the address is 168 Riverside Drive.
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