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  • Jack Bauer: I know you think you're doing the right thing, (raising his voice) Jack Bauer: but this is not going to happen. Kim: Somebody has to do it! Jack Bauer: Someone will, not you! Kim: (raising her voice) I'm the best match! Jack Bauer: (raising his voice even more) You're not a field operative! Kim: I have weapons training. This is decoy work. Saunders' people won't even come close to me. Jack Bauer: (shouting) Kim, you don't know what you're talking about. If everything was to go right in this scenario, which not a chance I'm willing to take! Kim: (shouting) You're not taking it! I am! Jack Bauer: (grabs Kim and puts her up against the wall) The reason why you've got this job, (shouting) Jack Bauer: the reason why I GAVE you this job is so that I could make sure you'd be safe! Kim: (voice breaking) I took this job because I wanted it, not because you wanted me here. I know that this is hard for you, but this is not your decision. This is my job; better yet, my duty. I'm gonna be safe. (crying) Kim: But I'm doing it.
  • (Syed Ali has said he's willing to die) Jack Bauer: The only way you're going to die is if I kill you. Your bomb's not going off.
  • (from preview for Season 5) Jack Bauer: (angry) When I'm finished with you, you're gonna wish that you felt this good again.
  • George Mason: So what are you gonna do tomorrow? If the bomb doesn't go off. Thought about it?
  • Nina Myers: Jack, if you kill me, you won't know who I work for. You think I work for Drazen, but I don't! Jack Bauer: I trusted you, Nina... Nina Myers: I was just doing my job. Jack Bauer: Your job? My wife and daughter almost died today! How many people that trusted you lost their life today because you were doing your job? Walsh, or Jamey? Ellis? How many others? Nina Myers: How many people died because of you, Jack?
  • (repeated line) Jack Bauer: TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!
  • Jack Bauer: The only reason that you're conscious right now is because I don't want to carry you.
  • Chase: You're right Ryan! And after you shoot Jack down, you can personally explain that to the president!
  • President Palmer: I'm the president Mike. You do not call me by my first name.
  • President Palmer: (asking about Alan Milliken's death) What happened, Sherry? Sherry Palmer: I went... to the house. (sees David's look, raises a hand slightly) Sherry Palmer: to speak to Julia. Alan interrupted us... there was an argument... and... he had a heart attack.
  • First Lady Martha Logan: I look like a wedding cake!
  • (after Jack Bauer's team attacks the Chinese Consulate) President Palmer: It was a covert operation, not dissimilar to those carried out by countries on a routine basis around the world. Charles Logan: Don't give me a social studies lesson, David. We marched onto Chinese soil, we kidnapped one of their nationals, and in the process the Chinese consul was killed.
  • (Jack is taken hostage by Victor Drazen) Tony Almeida: How did Jack sound? (on the phone) George Mason: Alive.
  • Tony Almeida: I should be there with you. Michelle Dessler: (softly) You are...
  • Woman: Don't you have a gun? Chloe: I work with computers!
  • (Chase is trying to convince Chapelle that Jack should lead the strike team on the field after getting a lead on Amador) Chapelle: I didn't ask for your opinion. Chase: Well I just gave it to you.
  • Jack Bauer: Honey, I've got to start focusing on what I'm doing up here, I'm running out of time, okay? So uh... I-I'm gonna have to say good-bye. I love you more than anything in the world and I'll always be with you, okay? Remember that. Kim: Oh. I'm proud of you, and I love you. Jack Bauer: I love you too sweetheart... Bye.
  • Martha Logan: It has been a very long day... we could all use a rest...
  • Jack Bauer: I'm gonna need a hacksaw.
  • Edgar Stiles: (His last words) Chloe...
  • (from Season 5 trailer) Jack Bauer: (gun aimed at someone off screen) See you in hell. (fires)
  • Jack Bauer: I like working with you, Chase; you're a nice kid. But don't you ever come into my office and talk to me like that again, do you understand me?
  • (at the very start of each show except Season 1 and other Season Premieres) Jack Bauer: Previously on 24.
  • Jack Bauer: Tell me where the bomb is or I will kill your son.
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